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Pipeliner® 8P+

50 lb Can of Lincoln Electric Stick Electrodes

AWS: E8010-P1

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Top Features

  • Designed for vertical down welding of pipes up to and including X70
  • Excellent resistance to porosity, X-ray quality welds
  • High stacking efficiency: fill joints in fewer passes
  • Exceptional mechanical properties
  • Root pass welding up to X80 grade pipe

Typical Applications

  • Root pass welding of up to X80 grade pipe
  • Hot, fill and cap pass of up to X70 grade pipe

Welding Positions


Special Features

Consumable Details

Size (mm)
Product Number
3.2 x 350
22.7kg Can
4.0 x 350
22.7kg can
5.0 x 350
22.7kg can
  • AWS A5.5: E8010-P1
  • ISO 2560-A: E 46 4 1Ni C 2
  • ABS