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Powertec® i420S MIG Welder

Powertec i420S MIG welder


Top Features

  • Premium welding behaviour on CV MIG & Stick welding.
  • Ready for the heaviest industrial conditions.
  • Synergic capability.
  • Optimized ergonomics, Lincoln reliability (True HD).
  • Water cooled version (COOL ARC® 26 as an option).

Input Power

  • 400/3/50/60


MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, Innershield, Gouging



Input ModeInput Polarity
Input HertzInput Phase


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Equipment Details

High output, reliable industrial machine

The Powertec® range is the solution for Industrial applications. With modular and compact design this welding set is easy to move around site. With the latest high frequency inverter technology, the arc is precisely controlled, many times faster than conventional analogue power sources. The electrical characteristics of the welding power can be changed by software in real time updates. A wide range of synergic programs are available as standard allowing simple yet precise control of welding parameters for the best results every time. The Powertec® machines utilise the very latest power source technology for efficiency and lower energy consumption. Their advanced Inverter technology will save both time as well as energy. Driven by Lincoln Electric’s Green Initiative, we aim to reduce the costs to you as well as the environment. These welding sets are available as 350A/50%, 420A rated at 100% or 500A rated at 60% duty cycle (at 40°C). With the LF-56D wire feed unit the welding set can support the MIG processes with synergic programs for Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Flux cored wires. Stick & Gouging functions are available as standard.

  • Premium welding behaviour - on CV MIG & Stick welding
  • Ready for the heaviest industrial conditions
  • Synergic capability
  • Job control - with limits secured by a password (LF56D)
  • Continuous control of wire feed speed and voltage
  • Remote control on the gun (LF56D)
Input Power
  • 400/3/50/60
Rated Output
  • 420A/35V@100%
Input Current
  • 27A
Output Range
  • 20-420A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 932 mm x 560 mm x 925 mm
Net Weight 78 kg
  • Input cable (5m)
  • Work clamp and cable assembly (3m)
  • Gas hose (2m)
  • Chain
  • USB with Operator’s Manual
Product Number
Product Name
Water cooler COOL ARC® 26
Freezcool cooling liquid for torches (9.6 l) - T°- 27°C
Ground cable 400A - 70mm² - 10m
Ground cable 400A - 70mm² - 15m
Electrode holder - 400A - 70 mm² - 5m
Gas heater kit
Cable management kit
Product Number
Product Name
LF 52D
LF 56D
Product Number
Product Name
MIG welding gun LGS2 360 G - 300A - 3m
MIG welding gun LGS2 360 G - 300A - 4m
MIG welding gun LGS2 360 G - 300A - 5m
MIG welding gun LGS2 505 W - 450A - 3m
MIG welding gun LGS2 505 W - 450A - 4m
MIG welding gun LGS2 505 W - 450A - 5m
Product Number
Product Name
Interconnection cable, 1.0m - Air cooled
Interconnection cable, 5.0m - Air cooled
Interconnection cable, 10.0m - Air cooled
Interconnection cable, 15.0m - Air cooled
Interconnection cable, 20.0m - Air cooled
Interconnection cable, 25.0m - Air cooled
Interconnection cable, 30.0m - Air cooled
Interconnection cable, 1.0m - Water cooled
Interconnection cable, 5.0m - Water cooled
Interconnection cable, 10.0m - Water cooled
Interconnection cable, 15.0m - Water cooled
Interconnection cable, 20.0m - Water cooled
Interconnection cable, 25.0m - Water cooled
Interconnection cable, 30.0m - Water cooled