Tig & Plasma


Multi-purpose welding installation to enable the following processes to be used in automatic applications:

  • DC TIG with smooth or pulsed current,
  • AC TIG with variable polarity,
  • DC plasma with smooth or pulsed current.

This installation meets the highest quality standards for welding and productivity for industries as diverse as boiler-making using stainless steels, aeronautics using precious metals, chemical engineering, energy production, transformation and transport as well as prefabrication of gas and petrol pipelines etc.

TIG / PLASMA process and performance
The Plasma process is the ideal extension of TIG for thicknesses greater than 3 mm. It ensures the same level of quality, higher performances and 100% penetration thanks to Key-Hole technology. The diagram shows the different welding performances according to the materials and thichnesses.

Maximum thickness which can be welded in a single pass is reduced for:

  • vertical down and cornice (2G) welding positions,
  • small diameter and very thick tubes.

Improvement productivity with PLASMA + TIG Process
The Plasma + TIG process is specially designed for assembling panels for the prefabrication of vessels longer than 4 meters and carrying out circular welds for diameters greater than 2 meters. This process of using 2 torches in tandem gives a productivity gain of 30-50 % over a single-torch plasma installation. The “plasma” arc penetrates the butt-jointed panels. The “TIG” arc equipped with filler metal, electromagnetic arc oscillation and a gas trailing shield produces a perfect surface finish which can often be left without any further treatment.

TIG/PLASMA equipment

Lincoln Electric offers two types of control panel: NERTAMATIC 450 Plus and HPW Advanced.

>> NERTAMATIC 450 Plus integrates the management of the complete welding process controlled from a central panel, robust and easy to use with a clear text LCD screen display of 4 lines of 20 characters which allows:

  • Storing of 99 welding programs (voltage, current, wire speed, plasma gas, movement speed, magnetic oscillation...),
  • Parameters modification during welding,
  • Cycle start/stop, manual control of gas/wire/AVC/ movement,
  • Complete management of key hole closure,
  • Pulse current settings for thin thickness welding and vertical or cornice welding,
  • Easy integration and communication with external PLC thanks to Open PLC function,
  • Import/export via USB key for uploading or downloading programs,
  • Edition of programs on external computer, thanks to Off-line software.

>> HPW Advanced is a modern industrial PC allowing the global management of the complete welding process and machine axes. Its main characteristics are:

  • Large touch screen 19” with a friendly and intuitive interface allowing the programming, controls and follow up,
  • Numerical management of the welding process, its associated movements and drive units via industrial PC,
  • Traceability, a program integrates all the parameters allowing the repeatability of the welding operation,
  • Video monitoring integrated in control screen,
  • Quality follow-up in option, record and storage of the essential parameters of welding (current, voltage, gas, wire feeding, movement),
  • Wireless remote control (option),
  • Import/export via USB key for uploading or downloading programs and WPS edition.
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