Invertec® 161S - Sturdy and Versatile. Easy to use.

16 Apr 2021


Sturdy and Versatile. Easy to use.


The Invertec® 161S offer much more than you would expect from a welder this size!

  • They pack the full punch of a heavy weight professional that you can take to the most demanding job sites.
  • Low energy consumption and high duty cycle: they are ideal for maintenance and for all professional, industrial or construction-site/ shipyard applications.
  • Inverter-technology power source for the intensive welding of all types of electrodes including cellulosic ones.
  • The microcontroller controls the welding process ensuring high performance and a stable arc.
  • Digital front panel: easy setting of welding parameters. TIG-LIFT + welding also possible by managing the upward and downward ramps.
  • Monitoring possibility via remote control. ​


  • Exceptional performance: high duty cycle at 40°C
  • Versatile welding with any coated electrodes included CELLULOSIC
  • Compatible with motor generator
  • VRD function to increase safety when working in humid environment with electroshock risk
  • Easy to use Hot Start function to improve the arc striking and Arc Force function to avoid electrode sticking
  • Power Factor Correction PFC gives low current consumption, energy saving, low current harmonics and reduction of the total CO₂ produced by the welding process
  • TIG lift + device for including up slope and down slope regulation & TIG exit fuzzy method (arc extinguishing)
  • Usable with long primary extension cable (up to 70 m in 2.5 mm² section)
Invertec 161S