Powertec i450c Advanced

29 Nov 2019

Powertec i450C Advanced - The Legend + More

We are happy to announce the last and the most powerful member of new inverter Powertec I Compact family - Powertec i450C Advanced:

  • 450A@80% with Premium Arc!
  • Coolarc connectivity for even greater flexibility
  • Front protecting cover and rubber bumpers included in the price
  • Heavy Duty
  • Modern, Intuitive interface

Our legendary Powertec I Compact family is finally completed!

ProductItem numberVersionInput [V]​Rated Output [A]​Weight [kg]
W x L x D [mm]
Protection class
Powertec i450C​ ​​K14181-1​Advanced
​400V 3Ph
± 15%
50/60 Hz
​420​450 (80%)​-​80.4​​​560 x 900 x 870​IP23​


  • ARC INITIATION – Repeatable arc ignition with outstanding arc characteristics.
  • ARC STABILITY – Excellent arc stability, ensuring a smooth droplet transfer, with reduced spatter.
  • ARC DYNAMICS – Rapid parameter adjustment allowing variability under welding conditions.


Simple navigation also when using welding gloves

Advanced Version

  • Easy setting by selecting process & material thickness
  • Synergic lines, Limits , Memories
  • Visualisation of useful information
    (ARCFX™ joint configuration, welding defects…)
  • Multi-language navigation menu
  • Full Support Menu: technical data, accessories, instructions, safety


Patented technology providing instant graphical feedback on how
Wire Feed Speed and Voltage affect the weld outcome.

How does wire feed speed affect my weld?

Wire Feed Speed – As your wire feed speed is increased the weld penetration increases, and as your wire feed speed is decreased, the weld penetration decreases. Notice the changes to the weld puddle in the image shown above.

How does voltage affect my weld?

Voltage – Arc voltage affects the arc length. At the same wire feed speed, as voltage increases, the arc length gets longer and as voltage decreases, the arc length gets shorter. The length of the arc in turn determines the width and size of the arc cone. Notice the changes to the weld puddle in the image shown above.


4 rolls/all driven:

  • eliminates wire slipping
  • no wire deformation


LED lights
better visibility

​ ​

Inspection window:
easier notification
for spool change

​ ​

Optimized wire positioning
improved arc stability & reduced gun vibration

​ ​ ​


Developed and tested under the hardest conditions (TRUE HD) to grant the reliability you need.

  • - Fully encapsulated and vertical mounted -
  • - Capable of surviving the harshest testing Conditions -
  • - Varnished and potted electronic boards -


cooler fully controlled by power source

  • AUTO/ON/OFF for better energy savings and extended service life
  • Coolant filter keep coolant clean
  • LED lights inside reservoir for better visibility of the coolant level
  • Flow sensor inside for gun protection
  • Simple Connection and Easy Installation
  • Built-in handle for easy transportation

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