Premium range of torches PROTIG NG S & III S

27 Jun 2019


PROTIG NG S & III S is our Premium range of torches for TIG applications, which are designed for Industrial use. Both models, PROTIG NG S - Ergonomic handle (EB), and PROTIG IIIS - round handle (RL), perfectly adapt to the different needs of the welder. Flexibility, comfort and customization of welding settings increase welding performance, and the unique expendables with proprietor design ensure longer lifetime.

The PROTIG range is manufactured according to high quality standards and includes 4 air cooled,
and 3 water cooled versions.


  • Handle in dual component (rubber) for a better grip
  • High Quality components
  • Improved robustness
  • High flexibility cables with terminal part in leather, optional button modules


  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Power Generation
  • Maintenance
  • Home / Farm / Shop
universal welding handle with attachmentsfor both a welding gun and a manual welding stickelectrode holder


    The best WELDLINE torches with an advanced ergo-design, using a colored soft grip for a maximum welder comfort. These torches will give you an optimum welding quality, and increase the communication between the welder and the machine.

  • The modular system brings an increased control over the power source. All torches are delivered with a single button module.
  • Optional three buttons module.
  • Optional 1 button + one potentiometer modules which add the possibility to set the welding current while welding.
  • The ball joint gives excellent flexibility, and the first 1m of the harness is leather which increases the service life of the welding hose.
Uni-gun™ device is used for SMAW, GTAW, GMAW  and FCAW welding.


    These classic round handled TIG torches have been designed to meet all welding expectations in all positions. The trigger module is fully adjustable and can be moved to any position around the handle.

  • New design of the trigger module with metal blade.
  • The woven sheath and the handle sleeve ensure full fl exibility of the harness.
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