SUPRAMIG - Premium MIG Wires with MicroGuard Ultra

23 Nov 2020


A new surface treatement to give you more

MicroGuard® Ultra – Enhanced Feedability Surface Lubricant. MicroGuard® Ultra surface treatment, with proprietary arc enhancement agents, facilitates excellent weld puddle control, very good wetting action, straight bead edges and a wider operating range


Customers that use it
are saying:

– Keeping the same voltage, we obtain improved productivity –
– Increase in the travel speed –
– We notice less spatters in the piece and contact tip. –
– Better arc stability


and Consistent Feeding

User advantages:

  • High speed feeding
  • Reduced contact tip and linear wear
  • Long distance feeding
  • Repeatable welds. Spend less time adjusting your robot part
  • Improved quality. Significantly fewer defects related to wire placement
  • Unleash your travel speeds with consistent wire placement

Tight quality control

Quality MIG wire starts with quality raw materials

Steel is comprised of many elements, some of which are undesirable for welding. We fix tighter ranges on our steel components and control more elements than required by EN ISO

Steel is the highest contributing factor to MIG wire performance

Not all steel mills know how to produce quality wire rod for drawing a welding wire

We choose only the very best mills that provide a guarantee of quality throughout the steel making and rolling process to achieve a good surface condition in preparation for drawing

Wire tested for adequate feedability, arc stability and performance

Control of the wire diameter is essential for arc stability

Differences in wire diameter will impact the amperage and potentially, the penetration

Cast and Helix are essential variables for wire feedability in Mild Steel MIG Wire

additional features

Low splatter level

User advantages:

  • Reduce component rework
  • Minimize change over/nozzle cleaning cycles
  • Reduced jig and tool cleaning frequency
  • Improved life of contact tip and nozzle

Minimal silicate islands

User advantages:

  • Welds ready for painting/coating or
    surface treatment
  • No rework
  • Minimal inter-run cleaning in multi-pass welding