Viking 3250D FGS Welding Helmet with 4C Lens Technology

01 Oct 2020

The Single Helmet Solution  

Designed for the professional welder, the Viking 3250D FGS welding helmet significantly increases the operators’ field of view with the integration of a clear face shield and side windows. These features can reduce the amount of time needed to conduct material setup, inspection and weld operations.

The increased FOV also can make general movements less hazardous and eliminates the need for removing the helmet to conduct various required tasks. This is coupled with an industry leading optic design, 4C® Lens Technology, which maximizes color distinguishment while eliminating blur, distortion and providing a consistent shade at any angle.

Every professional fabrication task comes with its own set of
circumstances and demands, but when it comes to productivity,
safety and optic clarity, the 3250D FGS is the only welding helmet
you need.

Main features

​Perfect 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity

4C Lens Technology

Large Clear Face Shield​

12.5 Sq. In Auto-Darkening Viewing Area

Side Windows

Advanced Headgear

Anti-Fog Coating

Cheater Lens Capable

  • Simple slide-in bracket is mounted on the autodarkening filter to offer vision assistance
  • Compatible with 2 x 4 dimensioned lens

Hard Hat Capable

  • Helmet shell design offers clearance for an expanded range of hard hats
  • Compatible with slotted & non-slotted hard hats
  • Robust connection design

Advanced Headgear

  • Easy forward and backward slide adjustments
  • Up and down orientation pin
  • Vertical position lock
  • Variable tightness expands versatility

 Maximizing Field of View 

The VIKING® FGS™ 3250D welding helmet increases field of view in both the open and closed positions.

This provides operators with various safety and productivity enhancements.

Open position

Closed position

 Industry leading optics 

​4C Lens Technology

 No Blurriness

 Consistent Shade​

Largest Auto-Darkening
Viewing Area (12.5 Sq)​

No Distortion

Even Shade
at an Angle

Digital Controls