Women in Welding Ambassadors

08 Mar 2021

Lincoln Electric UK Celebrates International Womens Day By Announcing Their New Women In Welding Ambassadors 


An initiative to help encourage young women into STEM roles and at the same time, help close the UK skills gap.


Lincoln Electric is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic arc welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment and has a leading global position in the brazing and soldering alloys market.  Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Lincoln Electric has 60 manufacturing locations, including operations and joint ventures in 19 countries, and a worldwide network of distributors and sales offices covering more than 150 countries.


Lincoln Electric has had a long-standing affiliation with Women In Welding, having run welding training events for women since 1943.  Bringing it right up to date and after a hugely successful campaign with many applications received, Lincoln Electric UK Ltd chose to announce their new Women In Welding Ambassadors to coincide with International Women's Day whose initiative is to 'celebrate women's achievement and raise awareness against bias'.  

Mike Chalmers, Commercial Director at Lincoln Electric UK Ltd commented, 'The aim of Lincoln Electric UK's Women In Welding 2021 campaign is to attract more females interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) to consider an engineering career path whilst building momentum for a step-change in the gender gap.' 


'The overarching role of the WIW Ambassador is first and foremost, to be a positive role model to inspire the next generation of female welders by supporting Lincoln Electric at a range of Women in Welding events throughout the UK, as and when the Covid situation allows.' said Steve Purnell, National Sales Manager for the UK.


Emma Wallis, UK Marketing Specialist stated, 'We had a resounding response to the Social Media search for our Women In Welding Ambassadors and truly feel that we have chosen four of the very best candidates in terms of their expertise, enthusiasm, and ethos.  Having chatted to all of the girls recently, and learned about their first-hand knowledge of becoming a welder, they all feel that more women could and should get involved in career in STEM.

Introducing The New Women In Welding Ambassadors:-


 Ruth Amos

Ruth Amos, is an Inventor, Entrepreneur, Edutuber, Managing Director of Stairsteady and co-founder of the #girlswithdrills movement.   Ruth is also co-founder of YouTube channel 'Kids Invent Stuff'. She has been closely linked with Lincoln Electric UK for a number of years having joined the Lincoln Electric stand at the World Skills UK competition at the Birmingham NEC in 2018 and was instrumental in the concept for the Women In Welding Campaign.  Ruth was also very closely involved with the launch of the Lincoln Electric Weldline WeldHer womens PPE clothing range in October 2020.





Mikala Eade

Mikala entered the world of welding after she left school.  She enrolled on a General Engineering course at college and found a passion and flair for the welding and fabrication section of the course.  Mikala holds the following City & Guilds welding and fabrication qualifications; Level 1 General Engineering, Level 2 Welding and Fabrication and Level 2 NVQ Welding and Fabrication.  She is currently employed by Bailey UK in Horsham, West Sussex and is working towards her Level 3 + NVQ Welding and Fabrication which she will complete in June of this year. 


Mikalas favourite type of welding is TIG as for her, not only does it have the best aesthetical appeal, but to achieve this, the welder has full control with the foot pedal and can choose when to add the filler wire.  In addition to this, Mikala says that her welding 'Super Power' and something she excels at is Aluminium welding.




Chelsea Griffin

Chelsea first entered the welding industry in 2012 after being inspired by a friend who explained what was involved and suggested she attend a college nearby and have a shot at what it is like in manufacturing. Chelsea has multiple welding codings such as TIG welding stainless steel pipe in different sizes and thicknesses, platework codings for steelwork in MMA and MAG welding and pipework codings in mild steel for MMA and TIG.  Chelsea also undertook an apprenticeship and gained a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in pipework welding holds.

Chelsea really enjoys using the MMA process, and spent a lot of years training for MMA finding it the most challenging process to get right. Once mastered, this became her favourite due to all the time and effort she put in to get it right. She says 'It was not easy and I had many people telling me I was going to fail but it made me very determined to prove them wrong'.

Chelseas welding 'Super Power' is MMA welding which is what she excels at the most. Having said that, she has also gained a lot of experience with Stainless steel welding and now feels like a 'pro' at purging her welds. 



Mollie Leach

Like Mikala, Mollie entered the world of welding in 2018 straight after finishing school at the age of 16 and is employed by A&P Tyne as an apprentice welder. Mollie has attained 4 levels of coding in MMA (111) PB Fillet, MAG (135) PD Fillet, FCAW (136) PD Fillet and MIG (131) PB Fillet and also has a level 2 in principles of engineering, level 2 in working in engineering, EAL level 2 NVQ Diploma in performing Engineering operations. Mollies favourite type of welding to learn at the moment is TIG welding, as she finds it a lot more challenging than the other processes and therefore enjoys the care and attention it commands. 

Mollie feels that her welding 'Super Power' is to constantly improve herself to better her practical skills.  She does however, feel very confident at 'rooting on', for example a butt weld which is something she enjoys doing.  Mollie is always looking for new ways to learn new welding skills.



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