Welding Guns and Torches

MIG guns TIG torches

Linc Gun & Linc Gun Premium
Water and air-cooled versions in a variety of lengths, built according Lincoln's high quality standards. Ergonomic hand grip for comfortable welding in any position. Choose your Linc Gun™ here.

Linc Torch & Linc Torch Premium
Linc Torch Premium (LTP) range is enriching our current offer of TIG torches for even better performance and welder's comfort.

Plasma  torches

Innershield guns

LC Plasma Torches
The Lincoln Plasma torches are designed to a focus on three elements:
Starting, Performance, and Lifetime. Find the best torch for your cutting job here.

Innershield Guns
Innershield® semiautomatic flux-cored, self-shielded (FCAW-S) welding guns and cable assemblies are rugged and reliable, yet lightweight, flexible and maneuverable.

Gouging torches

Gouging Torches
Flair 600 / Flair 1600
For your heavy duty stick welding needs.