Justifying Robotic Welding System Cost

Do you think your shop is too small for a robotic welding system?
Do your calculations show that you are not producing enough parts to consider automation? Do you think you would never be able to justify the cost of a system to top management? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you may be surprised to note that shops that may have never considered automation before, are now turning to robotic systems in record numbers.

The reasons?
First, a changing economy is revealing that there are not enough welding operators in today’s marketplace. Rather than attending vocational schools to be trained as welders, more and more of this country’s high school graduates are headed to college. This means that there are not enough young welding operators coming into the industry to replace those that are retiring. Because of this, companies are spending an incredible amount of money recruiting and training welders—much more money than many companies realize.


 Robotic Welding System

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