The New Dimension In Strip Cladding

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Cladding is a fundamental process in the Fabrication industry and is applied across the whole spectrum of applications – from the nuclear, oil and gas industries to petrochemicals and steelmaking. Cladding is required on the process side of high pressure Critical Process Plant Equipment (CPE) to provide corrosion resistance against highly severe corrosive service fluid or to increase wear resistance of a component being subjected to heavy wear and tear applications e.g. continuous casting rollers in Steel mills. While CMn substrates, low alloy steels and other materials provide strength and other physical properties, cladding provides the desired corrosion and wear resistance. The result is extraordinary flexibility and cost savings. There are many ways to apply this corrosion resistant layer – either by using roll-bonded or explosive bonded clad plates or by applying our more flexible weld cladding on a CMn or low alloy steel base material.

CLADDING PROCESSES                             

While most of the existing arc and electro slag welding processes can be utilized for weld cladding, strip cladding with submerged arc and electro slag welding process are the most attractive choices for applications that require large surface area coverage due to their substantially higher deposition and surface area coverage rates. Lincoln Electric has developped a new variant of the ESW process : the Hybrid technique which allows to get higher deposition rates always in single layer, coupled with high welding speed.



The most important key to the success of Strip cladding process is to have the right combination of:

· Welding Consumables i.e. Strip, Flux and Wire (where applicable)

· Cladding Head

· Magnetic Steering Devices

· Welding Power Sources and Strip Feeding Device

· Hot Wire Feeding Mechanism

· Automatic Welding Control System.

If even one of these key elements is absent, the process is likely to fail in achieving its desired output.

Lincoln Electric is the world leader, as it has top quality solutions and the desired expertise in all the above fields.


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