Storage and handling instructions for submerged arc flux


1. Scope

Trade name: 761, 780, 781, 782, 802, 839, 842-H, 860, 880, 882, 888, 960, 980, 995N, 998N, 8500, P223, P230, P240, P2000, P2007, P2000S, SPX-80X, WTX, 708GB.
Packaging: plastic bags, bulk bag, sealed metal drums and Sahara ReadyBagTM.

2. Storage
The following storage conditions are recommended:
Welding fluxes, packed in plastic bags, require controlled warehouse conditions such as:
- temperature 17-27°C, relative humidity: ≤60%
- temperature 27-37°C, relative humidity: ≤50%
Product in metal drums does not require special storage conditions but rust and damage of the packaging shall be prevented.

Flux bags

3. Handling
Product characteristics as specified for the original condition, are retained if the product is treated in accordance with the following recommendations:

Storage conditions​ ​
​Packaging​0-6 months, temperature ≤37°C or rel. humidity <50%​>6 months or temperature >37°C or relative humidity 50-90%*
​Plastic bags​use as is**​redry 1-2h / 300-375°C
​Sahara Ready Bag​use as is​use as is
​Metal drums​use as is​use as is

* if storage conditions include a relative humidity over 90% the flux may have been deteriorated so that re-drying becomes ineffective.
** if a severe application is considered (HAZ or weld metal hardness HV10 >350, heavy restraint, etc.) re-drying 1-2h / 300-375°C is recommended.

Re-drying is carried out with the product removed from the original packaging and treated in an oven with an even temperature. It is recommended to have either an oven atmosphere circulation over a maximum flux height of 3 cm or to have the flux moving.
The re-drying operation can be repeated to a maximum of 4 times.
Redried flux and flux handled in the welding operation, shall be kept dry, preferably at a temperature of 50-120°C above ambient temperature, time unlimited.

4. Deteriorated product
Welding fluxes that have suffered from serious water and moisture contamination, or have been exposed to the atmosphere over long periods of time cannot be restored in their original condition and should be discarded.

5. Recycling
Non consumed flux collected from the weld shall be cleaned from slag, metal and/or other contamination. Damage of the flux by heavy impingement in the transport system shall be prevented. Prevent separation of the different grain fraction in cyclones or in "dead" corners. Add new flux in the hopper in a circulation system before a level of 25% of the full hopper is reached.