Lincoln Electric Solutions: PythonX, Complete Structural Steel Fabrication System

All-in-one solution

The robotic plasma cutting system that has revolutionized structural steel fabrication

In structural steel fabrication, the lowest cost per ton producer usually wins. But if you pay about the same as your competitor for steel and labour, how do you get the lowest cost per ton?

You Get Lean. PythonX is the lean machine that lets you do more with less: less time per piece, less material handling, less inventory, less waiting, less waste, less space, less overhead, less errors, less scrap.


Traditional fabrication involves layout of the cuts, moving the beam from the drill line to the bandsaw to the coping station. It takes too much time, too much space and is prone to error.

PythonX solves those problems. You load the beam on the infeed conveyor and input a part file from TEKLA, SDS/2, StruCAD or other detailing software. PythonX calculates the cutting path and sequence, moves the beam into position, and starts making all the needed cuts and features, all of this with only one operator and zero programming.


Key advantages of PythonX, compared to traditional machines:

• 1 machine grouping multiple operations

• Only one operator

• Zero programming

• Reduced floorspace

• Lower cost per ton

• Reduced cycle time



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