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Invertec® STT II Multi-Process Welder (CE) (Not Available in US)


Top Features

  • Controlled penetration and outstanding heat input control - Ideal for welding joints with open root, gaps, or on thin material with no burnthrough.
  • Reduced spatter and fumes - Current is controlled to achieve optimal metal transfer.
  • Various shielding gases - STT® may be used with various gas blends including 100% CO2 and Argon or Helium blends.
  • Good bead control and faster travel speeds - Can replace TIG (GTAW) in many applications without sacrificing appearance or quality.
  • Background and Tailout Current - Accurately control fine and coarse heat input for reduced distortion and burnthrough as well as proper penetration.

Input Power

  • 200/220/380/415/440/3/50/60





Input ModeInput Polarity
Input HertzInput Phase

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