Power Wave® R350 Delivers Fast Arc Response in Robotic Fabrication Applications

Power Wave® R350 Delivers Fast Arc Response While Maintaining Constant Welding Output in Robotic Fabrication Applications

5 May 2011

PowerWave R350  

Cleveland – Lincoln Electric has launched the Power Wave® R350, a robotic welding power source with built-in robotic wire feeder control using the latest inverter power technology to deliver extremely fast arc response. 
Housed in a compact, rugged case, the Power Wave R350 efficiently converts input power to reduce operational costs. The multi-process R350 can handle GMAW (MIG), pulsed MIG and flux-cored (FCAW) processes, as well as GTAW DC TIG and pulsed DC TIG. Its Waveform Control Technology® advanced process capabilities include standard pulse, as well as Pulse-on-Pulse®, Power Mode® and RapidArc®.
Its built-in wire feeder control provides standard internal control for compatible wire feeders, allowing users to modify settings at the robot pendant. Also, its modular component design allows users to add a Surface Tension Transfer® (STT®) module for exceptional arc control on thin sheet metal or critical pipe welding applications.

With Lincoln Electric’s unique, patent-pending PowerConnect™ technology, the Power Wave R350 automatically adjusts to available single or three phase 50 or 60 Hz input power, while maintaining a constant welding output of five to 350 Amps throughout the entire input voltage range (200-600 volts).

Through the use of Lincoln Electric’s Production Monitoring™ 2.1 software, users are able to track equipment usage, store weld data and configure fault limits to aid in production analysis and process improvements. With the unit’s ArcLink® XT communications protocol, easy software updates and expansion can be processed through a standard 100 Mbps, full-duplex, Ethernet interface. These Ethernet capabilities require no additional hardware or kit costs.

System costs are further reduced for multi-arm applications as multiple Power Wave R350 units can be used together without the addition of a separate network Ethernet switch. No additional cards or hardware are needed.
Additionally, its Tribrid™ Power Module delivers exceptional welding performance with high power factor and efficiency for reduced electrical consumption. The unit’s Intelligent Architecture for Regulation and Control (iARC® ) high-speed, digital welding controls are more than 10 times faster than the previous generation, offering 128 times more RAM and eight times more flash memory.
Patent pending Auxiliary Power Surge Blocker™ technology ensures that welding performance is not compromised by simultaneous use of grinders and other devices requiring high starting current (60A or more peak surge current), using the standard 115V (10A) AC duplex auxiliary power receptacle.
The Power Wave R350’s rugged, durable case is IP23 rated to withstand harsh environments, having undergone testing in the most severe conditions, including extreme temperatures, extreme humidity, rain and dirt and dust.