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James F. Lincoln Foundation
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The James F. Lincoln Foundation is a non-profit, welding education organization founded in 1936 to promote welding as a better method of joining metals and to promote welding as a career choice. It is the only organization in the United States solely dedicated to educating the public about the art and science of arc welding. Formed when the arc welding industry was in its infancy, the Foundation is now in its seventh decade of publishing educational texts and granting cash awards to recognize technical achievements.

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Numerous low cost welding educational textbooks, videos, DVDs, teaching aids and no cost periodicals and technical papers are available through the James F. Lincoln Foundation.

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The Awards Programs began back in 1938 with the first contest for the best technical papers on the application of arc welding to design and production, which resulted in the submission of 1,981 papers. Of these, 446 papers were given cash awards totaling $200,000 ($2.68 million adjusted for inflation), with the top award being worth $13,700 ($183,000 in today's dollars). The program was international in scope, with the First Grand Award going to a project submitted by the president and a stockholder of Wellman Engineering Company of Cleveland, Ohio and the Second Grand Award being won by engineers on the staff of Diagrid Structures, Ltd. of London, England. Today, the college and school shop award programs have continued in the United States with an invitation to global participants as well.

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2016 Technical Training Guide
A comprehensive catalog of Welding School classes, professional seminars, distributor training and more.


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Order technical literature as well as welding posters and decals.