Advanced Robotic Programming


Course Duration

The duration is 5 days. Frequency of course offering 4 times per year

Course Description

A 5-day training program covering advanced tasks and procedures that an operator, technician, engineer or programmer needs to maximize productivity and quality with a Lincoln /Fanuc-RJ-Series Robotic Welding System. Class size is limited to 12 participants.

Course Prerequisites

The person attending must have completed the Lincoln Automation Basic Robotic Programming Course.

Course Objectives

  • Edit programs while another is running.
  • Make temporary adjustments to weld points to compensate for batch runs.
  • Make On-The-Fly changes to weld procedures.
  • Copy / Shift programs to new locations to reduce programming time.
  • Add explanatory text to programs including Custom alarm messages.
  • Full controller memory backup and restore.
  • Use tool offset utility to minimize programming when changing to new style of torch.
  • Use Find, Replace, Copy and Paste commands.
  • Setup the Reference Position Utility to establish a safe position for the robot.
  • Change weld procedures in the middle of weld.
  • Monitor weld command and feedback signals.
  • Use Test Cycle to speed up the programming testing process.
  • Use logic instructions to simplify programming of parts with multiple, similar weld joints.
  • Setup/incorporate a User Frame into programming.
  • Fast Start.

    Modes of Metal Transfer
  • Short-Arc Transfer
  • Globular Transfer
  • Axial Spray Transfer
  • Pulsed Spray Metal Transfer
  • Surface Tension Transfer® (STT®)
  • Power Mode
  • RapidArc™
  • Pulse-on-Pulse®
  • Tandem MIG®
  • Synchronized Tandem MIG®

    Effects of Variables
  • Torch angles
  • Various shielding gases
  • Current Density
  • Electrode Efficiency
  • Deposition Rate
  • Electrode Extension and Contact To Work Distance (CTWD)
     Recognition and Recovery from Common Weld Discontinuities
  • Porosity
  • Spatter
  • Undercut
  • Incomplete Fusion / Inadequate Penetration
  • Incorrect weld shape and size
     Basic System Maintenance

Advanced Robotic Programming

COURSE FEE: $2,800


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