Arc Products

Arc Products

Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. has acquired substantially all of the assets of Arc Products, a privately-held manufacturer of orbital welding systems and welding automation components based in Southern California. Orbital welding systems are designed to automatically weld pipe and tube in difficult to access locations and for mission-critical applications requiring high weld integrity and sophisticated quality monitoring capabilities. The acquisition will complement Lincoln's ability to serve global customers in the nuclear, power generation and process industries worldwide.
"Orbital welding is one of the fastest growing segments of our industry," said John M. Stropki, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Arc Products has a robust and cost effective line of orbital welding products that, combined with Lincoln's advanced welding power sources and applications engineering expertise, will allow us to quickly build a global leadership position in this important segment."
"Joining with Lincoln will enable us to service and support end-users on a global basis, and will further accelerate our rapid growth in orbital welding systems," said Victor Miller, President of Arc Products.
"We have been impressed with Arc Products' strong product line and R&D capabilities, and we believe that Arc Products will help expand and deepen our relationships with key customers," said Mr. Stropki.

Arc Products’ hard automation systems provide a low-cost solution to increase production, improve weld quality, and lower production costs. They have been designing and manufacturing automated welding equipment since 1980 and with their recent incorporation into Lincoln Electric, they now offer current and future customers unparalleled automation and weld processes expertise.


  • Easy to Integrate - Systems integrate with a wide range of power supplies, torches and positioners.
  • Easy to Operate - Welders can learn to operate most systems within a day.
  • Instant Rewards - Low-cost automation, faster production, reduced welder fatigue, reduced production costs.
  • Durability - Rugged equipment is designed specifically for demands of a rough shop and years of high production.


 Arc Products            


Hard Automation Products include the following:  

Seam Tracking Systems - Automatic Torch Positioning Above Weld Joint
Motorized Slide Systems - Joystick Controlled Positioner For Heavy Weld Torch Equipment
Weld Oscillator - Programmed Weld Torch Oscillation
DirectArc - Programmed Magnetic Fields Direct the Weld Arc
AVC-5 - Arc Voltage Control Maintains Consistent TIG Torch Height In Automated Systems
DWF- 4 - Digital Wire Feed For Precision Wire Input

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Through Lincoln Electric, Arc Products provides a global network of facilities and people to provide quick response and personalized attention. No matter where your welding operations are located today, no matter where they will be tomorrow, Lincoln Electric welding experts can provide local support, ready to create and implement solutions that fit your needs.

While Arc Products offers a wide spectrum of pre-engineered systems, we also offer the ability to modify or completely customize our equipment to meet your needs. Furthermore, through the Lincoln Electric facilities across the globe we offer completely customized turn-key systems designed to meet your precise needs. Contact us today!