Robotic Welding for Education, Skills Training and Workforce Development

To help equip students for advanced manufacturing and technology, Lincoln Electric offers schools, universities and educational programs with robotic systems designed to demonstrate, develop and teach the proper techniques, programming and welding for a career. 

These systems come in the form of a mobile robotic welding cart to fixed or positioning systems, whichever solution is right for you, your students and local industry to meet the needs of developing the right workforce, with the right skills.

    • Provide students with skills related to advanced manufacturing
    • Teach robotic programming and welding using the same equipment installed in manufacturing and fabrication locations globally
    • Develop partnerships with industry locations to ensure graduation employment rates are high and students have the right skills for employers.
    • Implement robotics and advanced manufacturing training in multiple programs and classes.

 Education Cell

Manufacturing and fabrication have changed dramatically. Competitive pressure has expanded and businesses of all sizes are now competing on a global level. With that fact, the skills and the capabilities of manufacturing companies have been challenged to:

                      • Increase productivity
                      • Improve quality
                      • Reducing costs


Coupled with the fact that there is a critical shortage of skilled labor, the manufacturing industry needs to implement automated fabrication processes and solutions to remain competitive. Robotics plays a major role in today's manufacturing and fabrication environments, and this role continue to expand into the future.  Robotic education is a key initiative for many employers and, therefore, plays a major part in training and education programs.

To help welding instructors achieve these new skills and enhance training in the classroom and welding lab, Lincoln Electric has launched robotic welding education and training systems to demonstrate and teach real-life industrial robotic concepts, capabilities, programming and robotic welding.

Robotic Welding Education


  • Complete, ready to go package
  • Mobile system can be rolled into multiple classrooms and labs through a standard doorway
  • Easily expandable work surface
  • Small footprint to easily incorporate in the classroom or lab
  • Welding and offline programming uses
  • Integrated safety measures


 Education Cell Product Info


NEW! Welding Fixture (K4110-1)

The patent pending 3-in-1 adjustable welding fixture is designed for use on a robotic welding education training system. The welding fixture is flexible and compact, enabling the welding instructor to teach common and industry supported joints and positions in welding, all in one simple device.

  • Supports 1 mm to 3 mm material in the following positions and joints: 
    -2F Horizontal Fillet 
    -1F Flat Lap
    -2F 3° Clock Lap
  • Manual clamping system that can be applied to a fixed or stationary table 
  • Weld from 2-inch to 8-inch plates
  • Designed from durable 6061 T6 aluminum and includes all metal parts on the tooling


Robotic Education Cell Welding Fixture


NEW! Robotic Project Based Lessons (K3976-1)
The 13 lesson plan identifies objectives, materials used, step-by-step instructions as well as discussion questions to challenge students. For an educator or instructor, the Robotic Project Based Lessons offer a lesson plan that can be used in any curriculum today.


Robotic Lesson Booklet



College of the Canyons – California Community College Prepares Welding Workforce
Santa Anna Welding Technology Program
Welding Instructors Receive Specialized Training



A Welding Instructor's Best Friend! - Lincoln Electric Automation Robotic Welding Education Cell
Cuyahoga Community College Provides Advanced Training with Lincoln Electric
Santa Ana College Welding Students Succeed with Lincoln Electric


Horizontal Rule



  • Larger systems with flexibility to configure with a work table for fixtures or a positioning device for moving parts under the robot
  • Systems can be placed and installed in your environment with a forklift
  • Configured to your needs and the needs of your local industry to ensure the right skills and training programs meet the skills being requested.
  • Integrated safety measures



Robotic Welding Education Cell System 5




Robotic Welding Education Cell System 20

  Robotic Welding Education System 20 Cube


 Robotic Welding Education System 20

 System 5 Product Info

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 Robotic Education Cell


Robotic Education Pendant

 Robotic Welding Education Mobile