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Tandem MIG® is a dual wire, high-speed GMAW welding process that uses Waveform Control Technology® to coordinate two separately generated arcs. Equipped with two power sources, wire feeders, and a specially designed Tandem torch, Tandem MIG® substantially increases productivity and lowers production costs. Designed for either robotic or hard automation applications, Tandem MIG® provides unparalleled weld quality and performance for high speed or high deposition welds.

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The Robo Pipe™ system is targeted at pipe welding and fabricating companies to enhance standard pipe production. It is a versatile, easy to use, and cost effective method for automating pipe welding. The system is customized to meet the customer's needs with either a one-axis or two-axis workstation. It is designed for 5/8" to 45" diameter pipe or columns and lengths up to 60 feet.

  • Benefits of the Robo Pipe™ System are:
  • Shortened cycle times
  • Reduced variable costs
  • Consistent and superior weld quality results
  • Layout is optimized to maximize the work envelope of the robot
  • Cost-effective solution minimizes the floor space requirements

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Lincoln Electric Automation has integrated the new Power Wave® AC/DC 1000® SD power source featuring Waveform Control Technology® with robotic welding technology to create a highly advanced robotic submerged arc welding (SAW) system.

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