Power Wave® Submerged Arc Welders

​​​Power Wave®
Powerful 1000 amp inverter system provides software driven configuration, Production Monitoring and True Energy Heat Input calculation capability. Power Wave submerged arc welders for subarc welding from Lincoln Electric deliver maximum control over deposition rate and penetration rate of flux in single or multi-arc environments.
Power Wave Submerged Arc Welder
Power Wave® AC/DC 1000® SD Subarc Welder - K2803-1

Top Features

  • 380 - 575 VAC, 50/60Hz Voltage Input – Offers the ability to be connected anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to Parallel Machines or Run Multiple Arcs.

Input Power

  • 380/460/575/3/50/60


DC+ Submerged Arc, DC- Submerged Arc, Balanced AC Submerged Arc, Variable AC Submerged Arc

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