Industries We Serve

Automotive manufacturers require stronger, lighter and more exotic materials to weld in manufacturing process.

Rugged power sources and process knowledge to help you get your welding job done right in the shop, field, or garage.

Robust advanced power sources and processes are ideal for heavy equipment and fabrication.

Prevent and repair wear across industries including as mining, agriculture and processing.

Welding for construction, maintenance and repair of drilling, production rigs, platforms, subsea fixtures and supply vessels.

Integrated solutions for pipeline industry to rehabilitate infrastructure and construct new cross-country and subsea pipeline.

Cost-effective welding solutions to perform single-arc welding on X80 grade pipe or multiple-arc processes on higher strength materials for the pipe mill industry.

Fabrication, construction, and maintenance of wind towers, thermal and nuclear plants, LNG tank and pressure vessels for energy industries.

Welding equipment and consumables for machinery used in the chemical processing industry.

Welding tanks for transport and storage of LNG requires robust power sources and superior, quality-tested consumables.

Renewed interest in nuclear power is increasing the demand for products designed to meet the strict requirements of the nuclear industry.

Industry-leading welding products are instrumental for coal-fired, natural gas or combined cycle thermal energy power plants across the country.

The demand for wind tower fabrication has become more prominent and requires revolutionary power sources and global technical support.

Increased productivity drives the need for efficient, rugged, and transportable welding solutions in the highly competitive shipbuilding industry.

Welding technology and performance in the structural steel industry is critical When fabricating structures like bridges and skyscrapers.


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