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Webinar - Grant Writing

Apr 16, 2013 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Are You Struggling To Find Funding For Your Welding Education Program?

Help is at hand!  Attend this information-packed webinar and learn how to efficiently and effectively find the right tools and resources.  See how to:

  • Increase your knowledge on grants for welding education
  • Identify tips and tricks to getting a grant
  • Learn about new tools available to assist in grant funding

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    • Grant writer – Robert J. Visdos, President, Workforce Institute, Inc.
    • Deanna Postlethwaite
    • Jason Scales

    Who should attend:

    • Welding instructors
    • Program directors
    • Deans
    • Welding engineers
    • Welding training departments


    • How to find a grant
    • Case studies
    • Grant writing tips and aids
    • Creating a plan
      • Using the grant template
      • ROI calculator
      • Sole source letter Q&A


VRTEX Webinar 

Bio for Robert J. Visdos, President, Workforce Institute, Inc.

Bob Visdos is the owner and founder of the Workforce Institute, Inc, based in Portland, Oregon.   Mr. Visdos has 36 years of workforce development experience as both an administrator and practitioner.  Twelve of those years were spent working as an Assistant Dean at Cuyahoga Community College designing, developing and supervising their workforce development programs.  Mr. Visdos served as President and CEO of Network Consortium, a DC based, national community college and workforce development association (also an AACC Affiliate Council) that included one-stop centers for 14 years.  During that period Network Consortium received a national contract through DOL/ETA, which Mr. Visdos supervised, to design, develop, coordinate and deliver training nationally on the America’s Career Kit internet-based tools to workforce professionals at one-stops and community college educators (2000-2002).   He also served on the U.S. Department of Labor’s America’s Career Kit, Executive Committee; as well as the America’s Job Bank and America’s Talent Network Councils from 1998-2002. 

Prior to starting the Workforce Institute in 2005, he served three years as the President of Worksystems, Inc. (the WIB for the metropolitan Portland, OR area), where he was responsible for an annual budget of $28 million and a staff that ranged from 105 to 44 staff members based on funding levels.  As the President of Workforce Institute, he has consulted with workforce boards, community colleges and state agencies throughout the U.S. on sector initiatives and is considered a national expert on local and national Skill Panels, developing programs to meet industry/sector needs, and developing viable partnerships between the workforce system, community colleges, universities, and economic development, to meet the needs of the employer community.  His work on the national Weld-Ed Skill Panel over a two-year period resulted in the “National State of the Welding Industry Report that was published in 2010.  Aside from his many consulting projects with colleges, workforce boards, non-profits and others, he is currently serving as the director for the Auto Communities Consortium Project that works with 35 community college in 12 states and is funded by the Joyce Foundation. 



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