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Outershield® XLH-70

Outershield, 50 LB coil

AWS: E70T-9C-H8, E70T1-C1A2-CS1-H8

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Top Features

  • Meets AWS D1.8 seismic lot waiver requirements for critical welds
  • H8 diffusible hydrogen levels - controlled for high resistance to hydrogen induced cracking
  • High deposition rates and excellent fast follow characteristics
  • Stiff wire enables feeding over long distances
  • Tolerates mild levels of surface contaminants
  • Designed for welding with CO2 shielding gas

    Note: FEMA 353 and AWS D1.8 certificates can be found in the Certificate Center of our website.

Typical Applications

  • Structural fabrication
  • Seismic applications
  • Heavy equipment
  • Machinery fabrication
  • General fabrication

Welding Positions

Flat and horizontal

Shielding Gas

  • 100% CO2

Consumable Details

Diameter (in)
Diameter (mm)
Product Number
50 lb Coil
500 lb Speed-Feed Drum
  • AWS A5.20/A5.20M: 2005 and ASME SFA-A5.20: E70T-1C-H8, E70T-9C-H8
  • ABS: 3YSA H5
  • FEMA 353
  • AWS D1.8