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UltraCore® 360™ M81

UltraCore 360 copper coated, seamless, flux-cored wire for FCAW-GS welding

AWS: E81T1-M21A8-Ni1-H4

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Top Features

  • Seamless design protects the flux core from environmental exposure helping to maintain low diffusible hydrogen and extend shelf life
  • Copper coating offers superior feedability and extended contact tip life
  • Low spatter and fume levels for less post-weld clean up and a better work environment
  • Low H4 diffusible hydrogen levels minimize the risk of hydrogen induced cracking
  • Premium arc performance and bead appearance

Typical Applications

  • Offshore
  • Structural
  • Oil & Gas

Welding Positions


Shielding Gas

  • 80% Ar, 20% CO2
  • Flow rate: 28-38 CFH

Consumable Details

Diameter (in)
Diameter (mm)
Product Number
33 lb (15 kg) Plastic Spool
  • AWS A5.36: E81T1-M21A8-Ni1-H4
  • EN ISO 17632-A: T46 6 1Ni PM 1 H5