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Floor Mounted Welding Positioners


Top Features

  • DC brake motors
  • Standard interface for remote control, foot switch, or automation options (see Floor Mount Positioner Accessories)
  • Solid state controls with dynamic braking and worm gear reducers on the rotation drives
  • Simple manual elevation on elevating models


Mechanized Automation


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Equipment Details

Lincoln Electric(R) welding positioners can be used manually or combined with mechanized automation solutions such as Pantheon(R) manipulators to produce a highly efficient work cell. When used manually, operators can position their work pieces easily usin ga hand pendant to tilt or rotate to improve their ergonomics. If utilizing a Pantheon manipulator, the positioners allow start and stop buttons to be easily integrated with the system. All floor mounted positioners feature a heavy duty integrated tilt gear and solid state controls to provide smooth motion.


Net Weight 1099.98 (498.95 kg)