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Ranger® 305 LPG Engine Driven Welder (Kohler®)


Top Features

  • Multi-Process Welding
  • Digital Weld Meters
  • Superior Arc Performance
  • 10,000 Watts Peak Single-Phase AC Generator Power
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Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored, Gouging



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MSRP: $5,726.00

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Choose the Ranger 305 LPG for those environments where gasoline and diesel emissions are not acceptable. Includes a liquid propane gas supply hose with coupler for easy connection to the liquid draw outlet of an LP-gas cylinder. The 10,000-watt peak single-phase AC generator powers motor starting, tools and inverter welders for extended range and process capability.

  • Top-of-the-line Kohler® overhead valve (OHV) 25 HP Command® LPG engine
  • Digital weld meters monitor actual welding output
  • Built-in “hot” start for easier starts and restrikes
  • Ability to weld indoors where other fuels cannot be used due to fumes and potential explosiveness of the fuel


Multi-Process Welding
• Excellent DC multi-process welding for general purpose stick, downhill pipe (stick), TIG, cored-wire and MIG (CO2 and mixed gas).
• It's the only compact LPG welder in North America rated at 25V for 300 amps of stick or CV welding.
• CV wire welding with up to 5/64 in. (2.0 mm) diameter electrodes.

Digital Weld Meters
• Digital weld meters for amps and volts makes it easy to precisely pre-set your procedures and monitor actual welding output.

Superior Arc Performance
• Lincoln Electric Chopper Technology® provides easy starts, a smooth arc, low spatter and excellent bead appearance.

10,000 Watts Peak Single-Phase AC Generator Power
• 10,000 watts peak for motor starting.
• 9,000 watts continuous for high capacity needs such as a back-up generator, powering a Lincoln Electric Invertec® inverter welder. Also can be used for lights, a grinder or other power tools.
• AC generator voltage is constant at 120V or 240V at any weld dial setting.

Skewed Rotor Design
• Skewed rotor design provides AC power suitable for operating Lincoln Electric inverter power sources. Lincoln Electric was the first in the welding industry with this feature.

Rugged Reliability
• Welding and AC Generator Outputs rated at 104ºF (40ºC).

25 HP Kohler® LPG Engine
• LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) engine has plenty of horsepower.


Rated Output
  • 300A DC CC/25V/100%
  • 300A DC CV/25V/100%
Output Range
  • 20-305A DC
  • 40-300A Pipe
  • 20-250A TIG
  • 14-29V CV
Generator Output
  • 10000 watts peak, 9000 watts continuous
Type of Engine
  • Kohler OHV Command CH730 LPG
HP and speed
  • 25@3600
  • 2
Dimensions (H x W x D) 36.2 in x 21.5 in x 42.3 in (920 mm x 546 mm x 1073 mm)
Net Weight 480.00 (217.73 kg)


1. Output Control Dial
2. Digital Weld Output Ammeter
3. Weld Mode Switch
4. Arc Force & Inductance/ Pinch Control Dial
5. Circuit Breakers
6. 120 Volt AC Receptacles (NEMA 5-20R)
7. Output Stud Covers
8. Ground Stud
9. 120/240 Volt AC Full KVA Receptacle (NEMA 14-50R)
10. 6-Pin Remote Control & 14-Pin Feeder Connectors
11. Wire Feeder Voltmeter Polarity Switch
12. Welding Terminals Control Switch
13. Digital Weld Output Voltmeter
14. Idler Control Switch
15. Push-Button Start Switch
16. Engine Choke Control
17. Run/Stop Switch
18. Engine Hour Meter


You can rent this equipment from these Rental Equipment Companies

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Remote Output Control with 120V AC Receptacles – 125 ft
Remote Output Control – 125 ft
Power Plug Kit (20 amp)
Full-KVA Adapter Kit
Spark Arrestor Kit
Canvas Cover (Large)
Factory Undercarriage
Welding Gas Cylinder
LPG Tank Holder Kit
Polarity/Multi-Process Switch
Docking Kit
Accessory Kit - 400 Amp
Accessory Kit - 150 Amp
Remote Output Control 6 Pin - 25 ft. (7.6 m)
Remote Output Control 6 Pin - 100 ft. (30.5 m)
PTA-26V TIG Torch (25 ft 2pc)
Foot Amptrol™ - 25 ft. (7.6m) (6 pin)
Hand Amptrol™ Rotary Track Style 25 ft (7.6m) (6-Pin)
Parts Kit for PTA-26 and PTW-18 TIG Torches
Square Wave® TIG 200 TIG Welder
Spool Gun
Magnum® SG Spool Gun, Air-Cooled, 25 ft.
Spool Gun
Magnum® SG Control Module
Spool Gun
Control Module Input Cable v 14-pin MS-type and Lug
Plasma Cutter
Tomahawk® 1000 Plasma Cutter with Hand Torch
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K126® PRO Innershield® 350A FCAW-SS Welding Gun 15 ft 1/16-5/64
Magnum® PRO 350 Welding Gun Ready-Pak 15 ft
POWER MIG® 180C MIG Welder