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Fleet™ 400 (Perkins®) (Not Available in US/Canada/EU)


Top Features

  • Weld Mode selector gives the operator the choice of Stick, Pipe/Gouge or TIG modes
  • Arc Force control allows the operator to adjust between a soft buttery arc or a more forceful crisp arc
  • Plenty of Auxiliary Power
  • Remote - Auto Sense


Stick, TIG, Gouging



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MSRP: $15,601.00

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Built for operation in remote locations, the FLEET™ 400 is a simple, rugged diesel engine-driven welders for stick welding, TIG, and arc gouging. The design features time tested technology, and the popular Perkins industrial diesel engines. This means high reliability in jungles, deserts and other extreme environments.

Easy to Set
A Weld Mode selector gives the operator the choice of Stick, Pipe/Gouge or TIG modes. In the Pipe/Gouge mode a rocker switch provides for a high and low range and in all modes the Output Control allows for fine adjustment within each range. The addition of an Arc Force control allows the operator to adjust for a soft buttery arc or a more forceful digging arc. Digital weld meters are available as an option providing supervision with an extra measure of quality control.

Based on a proven, easy to maintain platform, the FLEET 400 offers easy arc starting, smooth arc action, low spatter levels and excellent bead appearance.

Plenty of Auxiliary Power
The FLEET 400 provides 10,350 watts of continuous single phase 230 volt power through three 3,450 watt Euro Plugs.

Remote - Auto Sense
It is no longer necessary to use a toggle switch to change the FLEET from local to remote control. As soon as a remote is attached, the FLEET automatically switches to remote control.


Rated Output
  • Rated DC:
  • At 40°C 400A/25V/100%
  • DC Current:
  • Pipe/Gouge High Range 250-400
  • Pipe/Gouge Low Range 30-300
  • Stick Mode 30-300
  • TIG Mode 20-250
Output Range
  • 20-400A
Generator Output
  • 10350 Watts
Type of Engine
  • Perkins® 403D-15
HP and speed
  • 21.7 HP@1800 rpm
  • 91 cu. in. (1.49L)
  • 3
Dimensions (H x W x D) 34 in x 24 in x 56 in (863.6 mm x 609.6 mm x 1422.4 mm)
Net Weight 1065.00 (483.08 kg)


1. Output Control
2. Pipe/Gouge Current Range Selector
3. Engine Oil Pressure Gauge
4. Start Push Button
5. Run / Stop Switch
6. Glow Plug Push Button
7 . Fuel / Hour Gauge
8. Breaker For 12V Battery Circuit
9. RCD Ready Port Cover
10. Positive Terminal
11. 230V AC Euro Plugs
12. Negative Terminal
13. 230V AC Circuit Breakers For Euro Plugs
14. Engine Temperature Gauge
15. Engine Protection Light
16. Battery Charging Light
17. 6-Pin Remote Control Connection With Auto-Remote Sensor
18. Weld Mode Selector
19. Arc Force Control
20. Digital Amperage & Voltage Meters (Optional)

Product Number
Product Name
Accessory Kit - 400 Amp
Remote Output Control 6 Pin - 25 ft. (7.6 m)
Remote Output Control 6 Pin - 100 ft. (30.5 m)
PTA-26V TIG Torch (25 ft 2pc)
Foot Amptrol™ - 25 ft. (7.6m) (6 pin)
Hand Amptrol™ Rotary Track Style 25 ft (7.6m) (6-Pin)
Digital Weld Meters Kit