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Infinity-Pak with 4 stations for 500/1000 lb (277/453 kg) Accu-Pak® boxes (2-Torch) - 47 X 58 in


Top Features

  • Weld without end where consumables are readily available without interruption
  • Ideal for highly automated environments and eliminates downtime
  • Configurations for different environments to accommodate a variety of footprints and environments.
  • Industry certified, environmentally sound


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Weld Without End.

Productivity is important in an automated welding environment. It all hinges on the ability to process more parts per hour, with as little downtime as possible. That calls for a system where the consumables are readily available without interruption. The Infinity Pak® keeps the wire coming, non-stop.

Infinity Pak, Lincoln Electric’c MIG endless wire solution, uses a unique butt-welding and flash removal process that joins the end of a wire from a used empty drum with the start of a wire of the next full drum. An overhead conduit delivers the wire to a wire feeder in a semi-automated or automated system.

The butt-welding and flash removal process takes only minutes, and the two wire ends may be joined during the welding cycle. The patented box design includes a ring and tabs to keep the wire from tangling in the feeding process.

Ideal for highly automated environments, Infinity Pak eliminates downtime, maintains wire feeding without interruption and maximizes productivity throughout every hour of every shift.


Your choice of wire

The Infinity Pak can be ordered as a complete solution, including the delivery system and appropriately packaged consumables. Products currently offered include: SuperArc® L-50 (ER70S-3), SuperArc L-59 (ER70S-6) and SuperArc LA-90 (ER80S-D2 and ER90S-D2).

Configurations for different environments

Not all automated and semi-automated systems are alike. Infinity Pak is available in three configurations – 2-station, 4-station and wall mount – to accommodate a variety of footprints and environments.

Industry certified, environmentally sound

Comply with industry standards and reduce waste and environmental impact at the same time. The Infinity Pak butt welder is CSA certified, and the bulk wire packaging is 100% recyclable.

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