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AlumaFab® Air-Cooled Gun 25 ft Multi-Process Welder Ready-Pak®


Top Features

  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Rugged enough for any heavy-duty aluminum industrial application.
  • Overcome common welding issues like erratic feeding, arc instability and soot.
  • Just dial in and weld with the most commonly used waveforms.
  • Standard CV Pulse and CV Spray modes plus CC Pulse (Constant Current Pulse).

Input Power

  • 460/575/3/60


MIG, Pulsed



Input ModeInput Polarity
Input HertzInput Phase

MSRP: $10,432.00

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Aluminum can be a challenging material for manufacturing, but not every manufacturer faces the same challenges. Lincoln Electric offers feature-packed solutions tailored to a user’s specific needs, and include the essential attributes you should expect for success in welding aluminum.



The New Industry Standard

Built on a simple platform, the AlumaFab® multi-process system is easy to set up and easy to operate, yet rugged enough for any heavy-duty aluminum application. AlumaFab leverages key technologies available in all of our industrial aluminum platforms to overcome common welding issues like erratic feeding, arc instability and soot.


Improving the Basics

With the AlumaFab, we have taken the most commonly used waveforms for Aluminum and simplified them so you don’t have to worry about using the correct settings. Just dial in and weld. For those of you who just want a simple, the AlumaFab system has the standard CV Pulse and CV Spray modes to satisfy your most essential Aluminum welding needs. CC Pulse (Constant Current Pulse) improves upon the standard pulse waveform to provide better stability while whipping or shuffling the weld puddle with a smooth arc, while still maintaining excellent starts and stops.


Input Power
  • 460/575/3/60
Rated Output
  • 450A/38V/100%
  • 500A/40V/60%
Input Current
  • 3 Ph/60% Duty Cycle: 39V
  • 3Ph/100% Duty Cycle: 33V
Output Range
  • 5-500A DC
Dimensions (H x W x D) 38 in x 40 in x 45 in (965 mm x 1016 mm x 1143 mm)
Net Weight 400.00 (181.44 kg)

Order a Lincoln Ready-Pak® and get everything you need to complete a welding package - all with one order number. Shipped assembled.

K4189-1 AlumaFab Power Source
K4191-1 Power Feed 25M Wire Feeder for Aluminum
KP1695-3/64A 3/64" Drive Roll Kit
KP1695-1/16A 1/16" Drive Roll Kit
K3355-2 Magnum® PRO AL G225A Push/Pull Air-Cooled Gun w/25 ft (7.6 mm) Cable
K3059-2 Inverter Cart
KP2747-1A 550 A AL Diffuser
KP2743-1-62RA 550 A Nozzle
KP2745-364AT 550 A Tapered Tips
KP3982-2 550 A Insulator
KP3376-3 Jump Liners (.035"-3/64")
KP2745-364AT5356 550 A Tapered 5356 3/64"  Tips
KP2745-116AT 550 A Tapered 1/16" Tips
KP2745-116AT5356 550 A Tapered 5356 1/16" Tips
KP3376-1 Jump Liners (1/16")
K2149-1 Work Lead Package
K3056-2 Base Mounting Assembly
K1543-8 Arc-Link Cable 8'
3100546 Harris® Aluminum Flow/Regulator, 355-2CD 100-580


  • Easy Feeding
  • Clean Welds
  • Arc Stability
  • CV
  • Pulse
  • CC Pulse - A modified pulse waveform provides better stability while whipping or shuffling the weld for better bead appearance.
  • Auto Calibrate - This feature is used to provide an automatic means of configuring the push-pull gun to operate with the optimal settings.