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HELIX® M45 Weld Head


Top Features

  • With a low radial clearance of 4.5 in. (114 mm), the HELIX M45 weld head allows for digitally controlled, precision welding in areas of limited space and physical constraints
  • The lower profile weld head was designed so it can be quickly set up as far as five inches (127 mm) from the weld joint without affecting oscillation, offering greater flexibility
  • Designed on the Power Wave® platform for advanced, multi-process capabilities, this device also features a pivoting torch height assembly which provides perpendicular height control to the puddle face
  • Optional on-board wire feeders are also available for GMAW / FCAW and GTAW welding applications
  • Multiple toolless torch adjustment options, giving greater control of the weld puddle for more complex welds

Input Power

  • 24V DC

MSRP: $36,467.24