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Spirit® II 400A Plasma Cutting System, Automatic - BK1111-000043 - 000049

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Top Features

  • FineLine® High Definition Plasma Cutting Technology delivers the best cut quality in the industry
  • Torch and consumable design ensures a precise gas flow that creates a consistent shape in the plasma arc
  • Exceptional pierce, cut and marking capabilities, virtually dross free, with high definition edge quality of 2 degrees or less of a cut edge bevel
  • Designed to use up to 78% less plasma gas than the competition for lower operating costs
  • Robust design components with rigorous manufacturing and testing standards for exceptional product reliability and productivity

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The Spirit II with FineLine® High Definition Plasma Cutting Technology delivers the best cut quality in the industry. Our combination of patented processes, torch and consumable design ensures a precise gas flow that creates a consistent shape in the plasma arc.



The Spirit II incorporates longer-lasting consumables – especially the electrode and nozzle, the two components that are subject to the most frequent changeouts in the typical cutting system. The design of the Spirit II high efficiency consumables also reduces plasma gas consumption up to 78%, which improves overall gas savings by as much as 48 percent.



It all adds up to reduced operational costs, improved production time, and ease of operation – even for the operator with less experience or expertise.

If high quality and optimal productivity are among the primary targets in your cutting operation, tap into the spirit of success.




We Maximize Cut Quality
In industries where every millimeter counts, we add an extra degree of precision and quality to your cut. Our advanced torch technology and consumable design shapes the plasma arc to the optimal configuration and enables better cutting through metal with less edge bevel and virtually no dross. Additionally, our torch does not vent like other competitive torches; thereby, saving on gas usage. The result is a 2-degree or less edge bevel, which outperforms the edge bevel created by competitive systems, depending on operating amperage and material type.



We Go The Distance
Our patented Endura™ copper electrode lasts anywhere up to 30 percent longer than the competitor’s, depending on operating amperage and/or material type. EnduraX® silver electrodes are designed to last up to 3 times longer than standard copper electrode, depending on the same variables.

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We Stand Behind It All
When we say the Spirit II will outperform and outlast any competitive system, it’s more than just words. We’re confident enough about that claim to offer a three-year warranty on the system. Competing companies will give you two years. We go one better.


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UltraSharp® Hole Cutting Technology
Superior bolt-hole quality can be easily achieved with patent-pending UltraSharp® hole cutting technology. 3/4:1 bolt-hole cutting technology in mild steel eliminates the need for drilling. Automatic configuration of the cutting parameters reduces the need for operator intervention. When UltraSharp technology is integrated with Spirit II plasma power source the result is superior hole cylindricity and hole repeatability.

  • 3/4:1 bolt-holes in mild steel from 1/4 in. (6 mm) to 1 in. (25 mm)
  • 1:1 bolt-holes in mild steel from 1/8 in. (3 mm) to 1 in. (25 mm)
  • 1:1 bolt-holes in stainless steel for 3/16 in. (5 mm) and 1/4 in. (6 mm)



Quick-Disconnect Torch
The quick-disconnect torch head enables quick and easy changeover of consumables which reduces machine downtime and improves productivity. The patented advanced plasma torch technology allows for consistent cuts and optimized gas flow resulting in reduced operating costs.


INOVA® Precision Torch Height Control
The INOVA® torch height control system is second to none in precision and efficiency. Its simple user interface enables you to program more functions, set tighter parameters and achieve better part cut quality. With the ability to track material within ± 0.4 arc volts, the INOVA system allows on the fly adjustments, saving both time and money by maximizing throughput and extending consumable life.

Hafnium Optimizing Technology (Hf OT®)
This proprietary technology maximizes consumable life while ensuring superior cut quality. Hf OT begins with the design of the torch and consumables. The components are designed to provide proper arc formation, constriction, and centering. Hf OT includes a breakthrough method for minimizing consumable wear during start up and shut down of the system, where a majority of the consumable wear occurs. This is done by uniquely controlling the relationship between the arc current and plasma gas. Hf OT results in superior cut quality and extraordinary consumable life, which means more production from a single set of consumables and therefore lower operating cost.