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Prism™ Compact

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Top Features

  • Compact Size
  • Crane-less Installation
  • Pallet-less Shipping
  • Quiet Operation
  • Integrated Spark Arrestor

Input Power



Stick, TIG, MIG, FCAW, Plasma Cutting, Arc Gouging, Grinding (excluding aluminum, magnesium, or other materials which may produce explosive dust)



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The Prism™ Compact is a revolutionary fume extraction system developed for cutting tables, robotic cells and any other applications that require an extraction hood. The system was developed with height constraints and portability in mind, and used our current Prism vertical filter technology. The portability of the Compact is due in large part to its height and construction, which enables shipping without a pallet and easily loading on and off a shipping trailer. The unit’s slotted leg base allows for easy transportation and installation, which enables easy positioning around various locations in a given building. Lincoln Electric strongly recommends using a thermal suppression system in addition to the integrated spark arrestor when welding oily or stamped parts.

Compact Size - Can be placed directly next to a cutting table or robotic cell

Pallet-less Shipping - Allows for easy transportation throughout the facility

Crane-less assembly - Makes for moving the system to a new location extremely easy

Quiet Operation - Silencer and sound deadening materials drastically reduces airflow noise

Simple Maintenance - System will automatically start cleaning process once pre-set pressure differential is reached. Vertical filter orientation allows for more efficient cleaning

Intelligent Fan Controls - Variable speed drive (VFD) regulates fan speed based on filter loading to maximize fume extraction, conserve energy and extend life of the equipment

Integrated Spark Arrestor - Reduces the overall footprint of the unit while adding an additional layer of safety

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