Why Lincoln Electric Automation?

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide you with expert welding knowledge so you can focus on meeting your business goals. Lincoln Electric’s solutions approach will provide you with everything you need in a complete system – welding, fixturing, tooling, cutting and environmental systems. We build solutions and systems around your parts. We start with the arc, moving backwards and outwards from there to develop improvements from material handling to final part delivery.

With manufacturing operations, joint ventures and alliances in 20 plus countries, we have the ability to provide complete and reliable solutions and services you need – from anywhere. With 1000s of robot installations of all manufacturers, we know what it takes to keep your operation welding efficiently, with high productivity and lower production costs. We provide the solutions, you need with the results you want.

Mechanized Welding

Mechanized Welding

Our mechanized automation systems encompass fixed automation and programmable automation products. Mechanized automation does not include a robot and is ideal for products that are heavy and large. Diameters as large as 30 feet can be welded with our products. If you work with wind towers, pressure vessels, trailers, cladding, heavy machinery and structural steel, a mechanized automation solution could be for you. We offer a wide range of products, including seam and bore welders, column and boom systems, cross slides, seam tracking (laser and tactile), positioners, side beams, lathes, headstock/tailstock positioners, turntables, flux recovery systems and turning rolls. Learn More

Orbital Welding

Orbital Welding Systems

Orbital MIG & TIG welding systems , intended for tube and pipe joining, incorporate all necessary components including clamp-one weld heads, operator pendants, controllers, welding power sources, water coolers and track rings if necessary. Together, these components deliver the precise arc control and monitoring capability required by code-regulated power generation applications in power plants, chemical plants or refineries.

Robotic Welding Systems

Robotic Welding Systems

Lincoln Electric offers a wide spectrum of robotic welding systems. Our welding automation experts will work with your team to analyze your manufacturing process and recommend system options. For fixed, turntable and positioning systems, we can modify or completely customize to meet virtually any fabrication need.

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Fixed Tables

Our fixed table systems are suited for applications that do not require part-rotation or repositioning. These systems take minimal installation, because they’re shipped completely assembled. Lincoln Electric’s fixed table robotic welding systems include the following: Auto-Mate® pre-engineered robotic cells are ideal for small manufacturers or job shops that don’t plan on staying small forever. These affordable cells enable you to implement automated welding quickly and easily. It’s an entry point for the first-time buyer. Both of these new pre-engineered robotic welding systems – Auto-Mate 5 and Auto-Mate 10 – are set up for MIG and flux-cored welding processes performed by a FANUC® ArcMate® 0iB robot driven by a Power Wave® R350 power source.

Turn Tables

Our turntable systems provide a rotating or repositioning work piece staging surface for that help increase throughput efficiency. Lincoln Electric’s turntable robotic welding systems include the following:

  • System 20 cells are for small to medium sized parts.
    • It’s two-sided and has an option to expand to a three to four-sided system.
  • System 40 cells are for small to medium sized parts.
    • They have a servo-driven positioner that is nearly maintenance-free with no mechanical components to fail.


Our systems offer a variety of different options to present your part to the robot, including headstock/tailstock, ferris wheel and other options. Lincoln Electric’s positioning robotic welding systems include the following:

Advanced Manufacturing Systems


Custom robotic systems can be fully automated for virtually any welding process or application – ranging from MIG, TIG or spot welding – to vision-based systems for material handling, machine tending, palletizing, dispensing and more. Whether your plan is to use new or re-deployed robots, or any combination, Lincoln Electric can integrate the design and bring your project to a safe, efficient and affordable conclusion. Call to discuss a solution today!

Robotic Material Handling

Lincoln Electric is a supplier of advanced robotic systems that can be fully automated for virtually any welding process or application – ranging from MIG, TIG or spot welding – to vision-based systems for material handling, machine tending, palletizing, dispensing and more. Whether your plan is to use new or re-deployed robots, or any combination, Lincoln Electric can integrate the design and bring your project to a safe, efficient and affordable conclusion.


While robotic welding can vastly improve productivity over semiautomatic welding, the level of efficiency of automation depends upon the thoughtful design of the fixturing for maximum productivity. Robotic welding is economical when properly applied, but it can be terribly inefficient and cost-prohibitive when simple fixture design considerations are overlooked. Many productivity gains are realized, or lost, at the design stage and while parts fixturing performs a role that is simple, good fixture design is critical to the success of a robotic welding system.

Manual Tooling

Automatic Tooling

Reliable, high-quality tooling is the key to success in a welding system. All of our tooling includes protective weld covers for all sensor cables, shielding from weld spatter and copper pneumatic air lines. We manufacture the highest quality specialized clamping devices in the industry, including toggle clamps, tube clamps, wire clamps and retract devices. These clamps are designed for reliability and durability, even when meeting the demands of harsh welding environments. Cylinders are designed in “closed” positions wherever possible to prevent damage to guide rods and seals. Specialized materials and coatings are often used on part locator blocks to prevent spatter buildup from causing quality problems. Learn More

Laser Processing Tools

End-of-Arm Tooling

Clamping Devices

Laser Cutting & Welding


Laser welding can help you make narrow and deep welds at high welding speeds and is often used in welding for high volume applications or in applications where low heat is important. In some cases, you may be able to make a weld that was not possible because of limitations with metal inert gas (MIG) process and tungsten inert gas (TIG) process. If you need high speed and a controlled heat input for meticulous detail, then a laser welding solution is for you.

However, keep in mind that in some applications it may be more economical to use another automated welding process. Always consult Lincoln Electric before making a purchase.

Universal Laser Processing

The Flex Lase® system for laser processing is an extremely flexible tool that can address a variety of needs – from laser welding, cutting, brazing and cladding to laser heat treating, marketing, etching or paint and coating removal.

Laser Hot Wire Systems (LHW)

Laser hot wire cladding provides high volume deposition rates and low dilution with high travel speed and minimal heat input for precise detail. Rather than joining two pieces of material, the process deposits weld metal on the surface of the work. It bonds a molten pool created by using a solid-state laser to melt a preheated wire and is ideal for depositing corrosion and wear resistant materials. Because this is a metallurgical bond with low heat input/distortion, it is also great for repairing worn or damaged parts with minimal distortion. The power supply uses a process to control the heat of the filler wire prior to its introduction into the weld puddle. By suppressing an arc, the process maximizes the heat in the wire and the deposition rate, allowing for higher travel speeds and thinner clad layers. With less heat, there is less damage dimensionally to the material around the area being clad.

Hybrid Laser Arc Welding (HLAW)

Hybrid laser arc welding (HLAW) is an automated, high-performance welding process, which results in a very narrow heat-affected zone (HAZ) with deep penetration and high travel speeds relative to traditional processes. This breakthrough approach combines the highly focused intensity of a laser with the joint filling capability of the traditional MIG process. By combining the two, HLAW provides a unique opportunity for thicker welds with less filler metal and higher travel speeds than typical welding. Because the HLAW process adds filler material, it can address fit-up and chemistry issues for some joints, which are a concern for laser welding without any filler.

Metal Forming

Lincoln Electric is a supplier of advanced robotic systems that can be fully automated for virtually any welding process or application – ranging from MIG, TIG or spot welding – to vision-based systems for material handling, machine tending, palletizing, dispensing and more. Whether your plan is to use new or re-deployed robots, or any combination, Lincoln Electric can integrate the design and bring your project to a safe, efficient and affordable conclusion.

We can provide two important value-added capabilities to any complex automation project. First, we can provide extensive 3D modeling, using CAD translation from customer supplied part geometry data. Finite Element Analysis is also used to optimize line engineering designs, identify and resolve time and resource issues and reduce lead times. The use of these programs allows our team and yours to visualize and evaluate automation and tooling early in an ‘off-line’ mode. Benefits include reduced de-bug analysis during the system build and validation of cycle time projections for complex systems.

We also have a complete, modern machine shop and a dedicated tool building group, capable of producing precision-machined components and subassemblies to specifications. This capability eliminates the need to contract with third party machining houses to build line components, reducing opportunity for miscommunication as well as final system costs. The result is optimized system performance leading to high part yield and quality.

Tube Bending & Fabricating

Tube Bending

Tubular fabricated components have become the ideal engineered solution for an ever increasing number of applications and markets – ranging from automotive and appliance, to HVAC, refrigeration, steel furniture and more. With this growth comes an inevitable demand for higher component part quality and productivity, including quick job change-over capability to meet production environment ‘just in time’ demands.

Lincoln Electric has developed a range of flexible, reliable and cost effective tube bending and fabricating solutions that can deliver maximum return on investment. Learn More

Press Automation

Our servo transfers and press automation systems can enhance operational flexibility and performance. Adding automated die transfer or other press automation capability to a new or existing press is an attractive and viable option that can significantly reduce the total capital outlay compared to other alternatives. Today’s servo-based transfer automation for transfer dies is modular and programmable and can be added to virtually any press while maintaining the ability to run coil fed dies when required. The resulting ‘multi-purpose’ system gives the press shop a new dimension of flexibility and becomes a valuable tool that can aid profitability and growth. Learn More

Pre-and Post-Hydroforming Automation Processes

Hydroforming is a cost-effective way to shape metal into strong and lightweight components. This specialized die forming uses high pressure hydraulic fluid to press working material into the die. The use of tubular hydroformed components in automotive applications worldwide is increasing with each new model launch.

Frames, structural members and suspension components made using the hydroform process provide greater rigidity and strength compared to their traditionally welded counterparts. Component shapes can be optimized for form or function. Reinforcing components or additional bracket elements can often be eliminated, allowing for simplified assembly, better fit up and higher quality in the finished vehicle.

Hydroform technology provides automotive engineers with exceptional flexibility when considering designs and performance requirements for future vehicles. However, this flexibility is only viable when the manufacturing process that supports it can be performed effectively and economically. Automation solutions from Lincoln Electric are helping today's manufacturers attain their performance goals. Learn More

Cutting Systems

Cutting Systems

Lincoln Electric offers one of the broadest cutting product portfolios in the metalworking industry. This portfolio includes plasma cutters ranging from 25 to 400 amps, Harris® oxyfuel cutting systems, Torchmate® CNC plasma cutting tables including torch height control systems, Vernon Tool® tube and pipe profilers and tube cutting machines, as well as the PythonX® all-in-one structural steel fabricating system capable of replacing drilling, punching, sawing and hand torching operations. For exceptional cut edge quality and consistency, the Burny® shape cutting controllers paired with the Spirit® II plasma power sources which features FineLine™ high definition plasma cutting technology produces square and virtually dross free cuts. When bolt quality holes are needed, FineLine is paired with our UltraSharp™ hole technology to provide industry leading 1:1 hole quality that requires virtually no secondary processing.

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Cutting Tables

Pipe & Tube Cutting System

Structural Cutting

Environmental Systems

Fume Guns

Magnum® PRO fume extraction guns are designed to stand up to high productivity fabrication and production environments. Learn more

Downdraft Tables

Dual purpose workbench and extraction unit removes weld fumes at the source for metal grinding and plasma arc cutting. Learn more

Extraction Arm & Hoods

Flexible extraction arms are rugged, reliable and come equipped with the 360° rotatable hood for optimal positioning to the welding point. Learn more

Extraction Hoods are engineered to contain and extract welding, cutting, arc gouging and grinding fume from the work environment. Learn more

Portable & Stationary Units

Portable, lightweight, and effective solution for the removal and filtration of welding fumes. Learn more

Stationary, wall mounted, low vacuum systems for extraction and filtration of welding fumes. Learn more

Guardian Fire Safety Solutions

Total system to prevent, detect and suppress fires in the welding and fume extraction and filtration system. Learn more

Engineered Control Systems

Custom engineered ventilation solutions engineered to meet facility and application requirements to remove fume and metal particulate from metalworking operations. Learn more

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Robotic Welding Systems

Pre-engineered and custom welding systems, integration of FANUC® robots, positioning equipment, Lincoln Electric robotic welding equipment and weld fume control systems


Custom welding and material handling solutions, including machining, tooling, system integration and engineering of advanced manufacturing systems

Cutting Systems

Hand-held plasma cutters, oxyfuel cutting systems, CNC plasma cutting tables, power sources and controllers, tube and pipe profilers and tube cutting machines, along with structural steel and shape cutting systems

Laser Welding

Laser welding, cutting, brazing, cladding, heat-treating, marking, etching or paint and coating removal laser solutions

Metal Forming

Tube bending, press automation, pre-and post-hydroforming automation process and project system integration

Custom Automated Welding Equipment

Custom engineered and pre-engineered motion, positioning, and automation equipment

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