Green Initiative Program: Doing Our Part

Green Initiative

Lincoln Electric's Green Initiative Awareness Program promotes the Company's initiatives to reduce environmental impact of its manufacturing processes and products. The continued investment in technological advancement for its welding products has resulted in lower environmental impacts for its customers and underlines its commitment to creating products that help customers reduce welding costs and adhere to environmental standards. To help customers easily identify the products connected to these initiatives, Lincoln Electric is labeling them with a new "Green Initiative" logo that clearly states the product's green advantage.

Engine Emissions Standard

Beginning in 2011, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will require diesel engine suppliers to reduce exhaust emissions on engines manufactured for use in off-road products in the United States. Any diesel engine — including diesel engine-driven welders — must meet either the EPA Tier 3 or EPA Tier 4i standards. As of fall of 2008, Lincoln Electric’s entire line of diesel engine-driven welders was upgraded to the new standards — two years earlier than required by the EPA — and received a new product number in connection with engine changes to EPA Tier 4i or Tier 4 Final.


Inverter Technology

Inverter-based welding power sources, such as Invertec® stick, TIG, and multi-process welders and the line of Power Wave® machines, operate at higher frequencies than traditional power sources. These higher frequencies allow for smaller, more efficient magnetic components that require less electrical power and reduce overall energy use.


Eco-Friendly Consumable Packaging

Lincoln Electric's industry leading Stick (SMAW), TIG (GTAW), MIG (GMAW), Flux-Cored (FCAW-G and FCAW-S) and Submerged Arc (SAW) welding consumables are now offered in redesigned, eco-friendly packaging to help reduce our customer's overall impact on the environment. All cardboard used in consumable packaging will be non-bleached and bio-degradable. When compared to bleached cardboard alternatives, the non-bleached version reduces the amount of harmful chemicals used in its production and is 100% recyclable.

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Virtual Welding Technology

The new VRTEX® virtual reality arc welding training system makes it possible to learn how to weld in an eco-friendly manner. Instructors who use virtual reality training will minimize their material waste and environmental footprint. The product teaches welding without the use of shielding gas, welding electrodes or weld coupons and does not require weld fume removal. It also reduces the disposal of waste as a result of training such as base material, consumable parts, etc. The VRTEX® also allows students to be taught with a reduction in overall energy consumption by requiring less energy than a traditional welding machine, feeder and weld fume control system. The VRTEX® will turn your welding program green.

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Filtered Air

Environmental systems from Lincoln Electric include industry-leading portable, wall mounted and shop-wide solutions for capturing and extracting welding fume and particulate from metalworking operations. Most of these systems feature either a disposable or self-cleaning filter. Recirculation of filtered air instead of exhausting non-filtered air to the outside may result in significantly lower heating/cooling costs. In addition, the high efficiency electric fan/blower motors used in these systems minimize their impact on overall power consumption.