Innovative Product Advantages

Innovative Product Advantages


Customer Quality Review One-Day Program (Second Day Optional)
The customer Quality Review Program is designed to offer our customers an opportunity to observe our excellent Quality Assurance System and see what makes our products superior. Examine for yourself how our unique Incentive Management concepts influence our commitment to quality Lincoln Products.

You will tour both our Cleveland Consumable Division facilities and see, first hand, our attention to detail that is inherent in each department. Later in the day, you have the choice of a Machine Division or a Robotic/Automation Division tour.

Our Guaranteed Cost Reduction (GCR) Program, which assists you in lowering welding fabrication costs and increases your productivity, will also be discussed.

Military and Nuclear Audits
Two-Day Program
The Military and Nuclear Audit Program is an intensive, technical program designed to familiarize auditors with the specific details of Lincoln's Quality Assurance system, including conformance to specifications.

A visit through our operations will provide an in-depth look at all of Lincoln's consumable manufacturing, from a quality audit viewpoint. Also included in the visit will be Lincoln's Metrology Laboratory, Heat Treatment facilities and both Destructive and Non-Destructive testing areas.

The documentation related to our Quality Assurance System Elements and Special Order Records will be demonstrated. Sufficient time will be allocated to allow specific order documentation review and traceability.

Inquiries may be directed to:

General Sales
The Lincoln Electric Company
22801 St. Clair Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44117-1199
Phone: 216-383-2722
Fax: 216-481-5473


Deposit Chemistry
Lincoln can develop a completely new electrode formula for your requirements. We have done this for practically every welding application you can think of - ranging from consumables for sheet metal applications to heavy fabrication projects. These customized products not only include carbon and low alloy steel products, but also products intended for stainless and hardfacing applications.

Operating Characteristics
Even if you do not require special deposit chemistries, you may want to change a consumable from an operational standpoint. For example, we can tailor specific characteristics to improve bead appearance, reduce spatter, and increase productivity.


Pre-Tested Bonded Stock
If you need immediate access to pre-tested consumables, you can turn to Lincoln's bonded stock warehouse which houses consumables that have been individually tested to meet many of the standard industry specifications.

Each purchase is accompanied by a certified material test report confirming specific testing criteria you require. It is a very effective solution, saving both time and money.


Lincoln can deliver your consumables in the packaging that works best for you. This could include:

Bar Codes
Your company's bar code labels can be placed on consumable packages as small as one pound or as large as 1,000 pound reels or shipping pallets.

Custom Packaging and Palletizing
Your special packaging requirements can be accommodated by Lincoln. We have created a wide variety of specially-sized packages such as a 3,200 pound flux bag designed for centralized flux distribution or two pound spools for MIG welding.

Generic Wrapping
If you know you want the quality of Lincoln consumables, we can provide you with bulk quantities.

Inquiries may be directed to:

The Lincoln Electric Company
22801 St. Clair Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44117-1199
Phone: 216-383-4725
Fax: 216-481-5473