New Welding Apparel for Schools


If you're looking for student welding helmets, jackets, gear and tools,
consider VIKING™ helmets and Red Line™ PPE apparel from Lincoln Electric.

NEW! VIKING™ 1740 Series Welding Helmets

Lincoln Electric's new VIKING 1740 Series helmets feature an upgraded auto-darkening cartridge with a perfect 1/1/1/1 EN379 optical clarity rating. The new cartridges include 9-13 variable shade, sensitivity and delay control, weld or grind modes, auto ON mode, test and low battery indicators, user replaceable AAA batteries and a 2 year warranty. Choose a matte black or new ReCode™ graphic. These attractively-priced high-quality helmets are a great choice for students.

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4C Helmet Technology

Lincoln Electric's VIKING 1840, 2450, and 3350 series helmets feature 4C™ Lens Technology that lets you see the puddle like never before. The auto-darkening cartridge has a perfect 1/1/1/1 EN379 optical clarity rating AND alters the visible color spectrum of the lens. This provides the user an unparalleled view of the arc, puddle, and base material while reducing eye strain. Students can choose one of 25 graphic designs or schools may elect to standardize on a simple glossy black helmet shell.

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NEW! Red Line™ Heavy Duty Welding Gloves

Lincoln Electric just launched a new set of welding gloves intended to keep welders safe and comfortable in heavy duty stick, MIG and FCAW applications. The FlameSoft™ three layer heat-resistance protection system includes a split cowhide outer layer, flame-retardant foam liner and a self-extinguishing flame-retardant cotton inner layer for exceptional comfort.

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Traditional Welding Jackets

This rugged general purpose welding jacket is constructed with 100% 9 oz. flame retardant cotton with snap sleeves and an inside pocket to stow soapstones, flashlights or more.

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Women's Welding Gear

Female fabricator Jessi Combs helped us design a line of women’s welding gear designed specifically to fit and work well for women in welding. Oversized gloves, bulky oversized jackets – nothing really fit right – until now. Order Lincoln Electric Women’s Welding Gear. . . designed just for women.