Lincoln Electric Facebook Fans Get Answers fro Chip Foose

Ask Chip Foose: Answers from Piston Power 2011

Oct 7, 2011

Renowned custom car designer Chip Foose was in Cleveland for the 2nd annual Piston Power Show on October 1, 2011. Prior to his arrival, we opened up our Facebook page and offered fans a opportunity to ask Chip questions about his approach to building, tech tips, or anything else they wanted to know.

Chip was kind enough to sit down with us and address some of these questions. Here is what he had to say:


As a long-time partner of Lincoln Electric, Chip has two custom auto-darkening helmets available, inspired by his Hemisfear and Terracuda car designs.

VIKING 2450 Hemisfear Welding Helmet VIKING 3350 Terracuda Helmet Chip Foose Bike at Piston Power 2011
  VIKING® 2450 Hemisfear Helmet VIKING® 3350 Terracuda Helmet Check Out Photos from the Show