In the competitive business of CNC plasma cutting, maximizing output and productivity is imperative. This can only happen when the operator interface is as efficient, intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

Burny® 8 represents a leap forward in shape cutting CNC software that streamlines and optimizes the operator’s control of the plasma cutting process. No longer based on a Windows® XP embedded platform, Burny 8 now runs on Windows 8.1, which enables improvement in performance and security. All of this comes with a robust communication interface between the
Burny CNC and the Spirit® II Plasma system.

With Burny 8, you can navigate from screen to screen and enjoy quick feedback and easy access to operational menus along the way. Simplicity and ease of use results in a user interface experience that surpasses the previous version of the software.

Burny 8 also puts UltraSharp® Hole Technology software at your fingertips, and gives you access to industry-leading technology to make bolt-ready holes.

If you’re ready to make the cut that will optimize quality, throughput and operator productivity – and minimize set up time – it’s time to take a step up. Take control with Burny 8.

Comprehensive control, minimal risk
The best CNC for an automated cutting system is the one built on a solid foundation. By using the Microsoft® Windows 8 platform, Burny 8 enables you to connect the Burny CNC to your company network and sidestep the IT vulnerabilities associated with the Windows XP platform
Single controller, multiple options
Burny 8 includes an integrated Spirit II plasma console, which bypasses the need for multiple screens and enables the operator to control the plasma cutting process via a single controller and a single user interface.
Minimize cost, maximize efficiency
Burny 8 gets hole cutting right the first time. The overall package includes onboard UltraNest™ nesting software that serves as the foundation for UltraSharp Hole Technology with the controller. The resulting improvements in hole-cutting precision save time and money by eliminating error and rework.