FFA Helmet Design Contest Rules

FFA Helmet Design Contest Rules

Dec 11, 2013

1. Designs and/or design concepts must be created by FFA chapters and/or FFA members and carry the letters "FFA" and/or the FFA emblem.

2. Only a FFA chapter may submit up to five designs; however, only one winning design per chapter. Individual entries will not be accepted.

3. All design entries must be original concepts. Do not use established trademarks, trademarked designs or phrases such as "FFA Built Tough" or parodies of established marks. If there is any question regarding the originality of a design, phrase or concept, please check it out at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website:  http://www.uspto.gov/.

4. Lincoln Electric will not consider designs that feature:
     a. Tobacco, firearms, alcohol, profanity, rebel flags and/or sexual connotations
     b. Gross distortions of the FFA emblem
     c. Existing trademarks or trademark slogans (such as John Deere, Ford Built Tough, etc.)
     d. Lack substantial artistic quality based in opinion by the judges panel.

5. Entries can be submitted as original art, PDF, JPG and or PNG.

6. The deadline for submitting entries for the 2014 Welding Helmet Design Contest is Friday, March 14, 2014, at midnight EST.

7. All chapter Welding Helmet design entries must be received by The Lincoln Electric Company via one of the following methods by March 14, 2014, at midnight EST.
     a. E-mail to ffacontest@lincolnelectric.com
     b. Postal Service to arrive no later than March 14, 2014
     c. UPS or FedEx to arrive no later than March 14, 2014

8. Electronic submissions can be submitted via email to ffacontest@lincolnelectric.com in PDF, JPG or PNG format, not exceeding 7 MB in size.

9. Designs submitted as artwork on paper or actual printed Welding Helmet Designs should be sent to:

The Lincoln Electric Company
Attn:  FFA Helmet Contest – Technical Training
22801 St. Clair Ave
Cleveland, OH 44117

10. Design entries will not be returned to the chapters.

11. A group of judges from FFA and Lincoln Electric will select the qualifying designs for voting by peers via Facebook. Winning FFA chapters will be notified on April 18, 2014. The final winning design selected will receive $2,000.00 and 10 welding helmets of that design, second place will receive $1,000.00 and 5 welding helmets with the winning design, and third place will receive $500.00 and 3 helmets with the winning design.

12. All contest awards go to the winning FFA chapters and not to an individual or individuals.

13. The winning Welding Helmet design(s) selected for the FFA catalog/online store will become the property of the Lincoln Electric Company. The winning designs may be sold through retail markets including but not limited to the FFA catalog/online store.


If you have questions, please contact Chelsie Colvin:
Email: chelsie_colvin@lincolnelectric.com
Telephone: 216-383-5064
Fax: 216-383-8025