Governor Kasich Tours Lincoln Electric

Governor Kasich Tours Lincoln Electric

Feb 8, 2012

Kasich Touts Jobs & Technology in Euclid

Lincoln Electric unveiled a new training program and got a visit from the governor.

Governor Kasich watches simulated welding on the VRTEX 360

(Euclid) - Technology and jobs for the future were the focus of Governor John Kasich Wednesday as he toured the Lincoln Electric Plant in Euclid.

Lincoln Electric was unveiling a new way to teach young people skilled trades, a virtual reality welding machine or VRTEX 360.

The machine, which is similar to a video game, offers users a simulated real-life experience of welding, without any of the hazards. That means any age group can learn how to weld.

Joel Leonard is a technology expert who has written in several trade magazines about the VRTEX 360. He says prisons have started using the technology to teach inmates skilled trades, since they aren't allowed to use the actual equipment. He says the technology is catching on, and organizations like the United Defense Workforce Technology Board are looking into funding the manufacturing of these machines.


   Governor Kasich with John Stropki
 Governor Kasich with John Stropki  

Governor Kasich talks to students about the welding simulator.

During his visit Kasich joined Lincoln Electric North America President George Blankenship, CEO of Lincoln Electric John Stropki and Euclid Mayor Bill Cervenik to speak about the advances the company has been making in the technology and welding field. While touring the facility Kasich also commented on fracking, and said it's necessary to drill for petroleum, we just have been doing it the wrong way or "putting the cart in front of the horse". Read Full Article