Perewitz Cycle Fab Relies on Lincoln Electric to Build Record-Breaking Bike

Perewitz Cycle Fab Relies on Lincoln Electric to Build Record-Breaking Bike

Aug 29, 2011

At 28 years old, Jody Perewitz is attempting to become the third youngest woman in history to break the 200 mile per hour barrier at the Bonneville Salt Flats. She plans to accomplish this feat at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials, from August 27 to September 1. Jody and her team have built a partial streamliner motorcycle with a 100 cubic inch twin cam motor which is both fuel-injected and turbo-charged.

“The record in that class is 172 miles per hour. When we go 200, I will be the first woman to reach that speed on an American V-twin,” says Perewitz.

Jody is the daughter of legendary motorcycle builder, Dave Perewitz, who has been in the custom bike business for more than 30 years. She’s been around bikes as long as she can remember, and has become a critical member of the Perewitz Cycle Fab operation.

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      Dave and Jody Perewitz  


After graduating from Bridgewater State College with a degree in Political Science, Jody joined her dad’s company full time, and has taken charge of the branding and merchandise programs. She even finds time to help work on the bikes.

“I wanted to get through my last year of college quickly, so I could get back on two wheels, and that’s exactly what I did.”

Safety has become a primary focus for the Perewitz family as the Bonneville event approaches. When traveling at such high speeds, Jody has piece of mind knowing that her bike was welded using Lincoln Electric equipment & consumables. 

“When I get on that bike, I want to have the confidence knowing that the machine will stay strong, and not fail.”

Dave Perewitz holds his fabrication shop to high standards, and has a keen eye toward quality when choosing equipment partners.


“We pretty much outfitted the shop with Lincoln equipment, which in my estimation is the best stuff out there. From the TIG welders and MIG welders, to the plasma cutters, these machines have been extremely reliable and easy to work with.”

Follow Jody at Bonneville
Users can keep track of Jody’s Bonneville quest by visiting her special Facebook page.

As for what’s next on her schedule, Jody plans on continuing her pursuit of speed. “We’re going to be heading to Loring, Maine for a race at an Air Force Base, where I actually have the speed record of 164. Once that’s done, we’ll bring the bike home, tear down, build it back up and go even faster.”

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