Pipeliner LH-D 80/90/100 - Rugged Stick for Rugged Work

Pipeline work can be the most demanding segment of the entire welding trade. Maintaining the integrity of the weld – and by extension, the integrity of the pipeline itself – is the ultimate priority, despite the constant battle against external elements. When it’s time to tackle the pipeline, it’s time for Pipeliner LH-D.

Welders Prefer Pipeliner LH-D

Pipeliner LH-D is easy to use for welders of all experience levels with excellent puddle control and no spillage at the bottom of the pipe. Our stick electrodes have been the number one choice of fabricators. They are easily identified by three dots, which are a symbol of quality, consistency, and unparalleled welding expertise.

Properties You Can Count On

Diffusible hydrogen increases the risk of weld cracking and failure. Not only does Pipeliner LH-D produce welds consistently in the 2 mL range, but the coating also meets H4R moisture resistance requirements, ensuring the integrity of the product even in the most demanding environments. Pipeliner LH-D80 and 90 are the only electrodes in their class to meet NACE requirements for sour gas transport.