Lincoln Electric Offers New Stainless Stick Electrode and Submerged Arc Wire and Flux

Lincoln Electric Offers New Stainless Stick Electrode and Submerged Arc Wire and Flux

Dec 6, 2010

Cleveland — Lincoln Electric has introduced two new lines of stainless welding consumables, Excalibur® stainless stick electrode and Lincolnweld® stainless submerged arc wire and flux. These brands replace the company’s existing stainless products, Red Baron® and Blue Max®, as the industry premium in stainless steel welding products.

Excalibur Stainless Stick Electrodes
- Versatile electrodes designed to weld several types of austenitic steels and dissimilar materials
- Designed with low carbon levels to help eliminate carbide precipitation
- Smooth arc characteristics, excellent slag removal and minimal spatter

Lincolnweld Stainless Submerged Arc Flux
- Produces sound welds with excellent slag removal and bead appearance
- Exhibits superior resistance to moisture pickup
- Designed for maximum toughness and ductility with duplex stainless steels
- Fluxes for both joining and stainless cladding applications

Lincolnweld Stainless Submerged Arc Wire
- Low carbon content minimizes risk of intergranular corrosion

Similar to previous consumables, the new Excalibur stainless stick electrodes feature exceptional welding characteristics and new Lincolnweld stainless wire and flux feature a variety of options for all your stainless welding requirements. Both brands and have been tested to conform to the same agency classifications as the previous stainless offering. Therefore, no additional procedure qualification is required for the new brand names and Lincoln Electric can offer an affidavit to support this.

The new lines of products offer a variety of alloys, including 308, 309 and 316. In addition, each stick electrode alloy will continue to feature multiple coating types designed to provide excellent operating characteristics in a range of welding positions. Additionally, alloy and coating type designations have been added to the name of each product to make it easy for customers to find the right product for their application.

Both Excalibur stainless and Lincolnweld stainless products have a Q2 Lot® number printed directly on the packaging tracing back to certificate of actual deposit chemistry – for Lincolnweld products - and measured ferrite number (FN).

To request a copy of Lincoln’s Excalibur and Lincolnweld sell sheets, call (888) 355-3213.