Lincoln Electric to Hold Pipe Mill Welding Seminar in May 2011

Lincoln Electric to Hold Pipe Mill Welding Seminar in May 2011

Mar 1, 2011

Learn the Latest Pipe Welding Technology and Practices

Cleveland – Lincoln Electric is holding a free seminar on the latest pipe welding techniques from May 23-27, 2011 at the Lincoln Electric Corporate Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

With growing demand in energy markets, utilization of cross-country and subsea pipe for material transfer will continue to increase worldwide. Let Lincoln Electric show you how to improve your pipe welding processes.

Topics will include:
• Fundamentals of pipe welding
• The latest advances in pipe welding equipment
• Consumable selection
• Identification and correction of weld defects
• Effect of welding essential variables, including heat input, on weld metal properties
• Hands-on demonstrations of multi-arc welding techniques, equipment and consumables
• Tour Lincoln’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, R&D Tech Center and Automation Division

For more information on this free informational seminar or to reserve a spot, contact Lincoln Electric at (216) 383-8355. Please respond no later than Friday, May 13, 2011.


 Pipe Mill Welding Seminar

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"I want to thank you for inviting me to attend the Pipe Mill Welding Seminar May 23 – 27, 2011. The knowledge I gained and the continued assistance offered, along with Lincoln Electric’s high quality equipment and consumables, will help us continue to improve our processes and meet the challenges of our ever-changing customer demands. I must tell you that everyone involved, from the technicians, managers, and engineers who gave the presentations to the people who led the factory tours to the travel department and the workers in the cafeteria, was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and courteous. The expertise, attention to quality and customer service, and genuine enthusiasm for the job was evident throughout. I would also like to acknowledge the assistance and support I receive from my sales representative, Bradley Wickline, who continues to introduce me to the products, people, and resources that can help meet our challenges. Please share my comments with everyone involved, I very much appreciate everyone’s efforts and thanks again. 
Nelson S. Libell, Sr.  
Production Manager, Pittsburgh Pipe