Supplier Partners

Lincoln Electric 

Supplier Policies
This is for companies that currently supply or plan to supply a product or service to The Lincoln Electric Company.

Mission of Supply Management
To procure products and services consistent with policies, procedures and objectives of The Lincoln Electric Company. In conjunction with our suppliers, we will continuously strive to obtain the lowest total cost for products and services, based on price, quality, technology, process knowledge, support and continuous improvement.

Terms and Conditions Relating to the Purchase of Materials

Lincoln Electric Domestic Freight Carrier Guide  Download

Lincoln Electric International Freight Carrier Guide  Download

Lincoln Electric Trade Compliance Instructions Download

Purchase Order Instructions


Supplier Guidelines and Expectations

Supplier Guidelines and Expectations Manual   Download  


Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP)

PPAP Forms Packet  Download  **Click Save and Download to your computer**


Tooling Verification & Validation (TV&V)

TV&V Forms Packet  Download  **Click Save and Download to your computer**


Conflict Minerals Information

Guidelines to Reading and Understanding the Supplier Scorecard

Supplier Compliance
If you are a current supplier to The Lincoln Electric Company and have an existing account on the NAFTA site, please visit the following:


ROHS: please contact 216-383-8187 or 216-383-2043.


Understanding your Lincoln Electric Vendor Statement
The Lincoln Electric Vendor Statement is provided to our vendors as a status of recent activity. It is Lincoln’s expectation that vendors will refer to this report for answering their inquiries before contacting Lincoln Electric representatives for assistance. 

Guidelines to Reading and Understanding your Lincoln Electric Vendor Statement  Download


EDI Capable

The Lincoln Electric Company is fully EDI capable (Electronic Data Interchange) and welcomes the opportunity to partner with our customers and suppliers alike in an EDI relationship. If your company is utilizing EDI to exchange business documents we would like to hear from you.

Please contact for further details on how to get started on EDI with Lincoln Electric.