CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

Torchmate® 4 x 4 Ready-Pak® CNC Cutting Table
Manufacturers are demanding exposure to more advanced technologies and skills from the prospective employees coming out of local high schools and technical colleges. Experience with CNC plasma cutting is becoming one of those requirements. Start your program with a scalable Torchmate® 4 x 4 Ready-Pak®.

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Torchmate® CNC Cutting Systems
Explore other CNC cutting system options and supporting resources from Torchmate®, a Lincoln Electric Company.

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CNC Plasma Cutting Classroom Curriculum

Introduction to CNC Plasma Arc Cutting

This complete curriculum guide provides just about everything an instructor will need to get started teaching CNC plasma cutting in the high school, community college, university, trade or union school environment.

  • Chapters cover history, safety practices, machine basics, software, tool paths, image imports and more
  • Each illustrated chapter includes student review assessment questions designed to test comprehension
  • Includes theory, step-by-step practical demos, a sample CAD project and a handy glossary of terms

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