Interface modules and other parts for automated welding systems.
Automation Accessories
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Stand Alone Base (11 x 11)
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Over Travel Limit Switch
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Track Wiper Brushes
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Spring Loaded Copper Grounding Shoe 1000A
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Manipulator Travel Car II (8x8)
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Travel Car Track II (8x8)
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Digital Tachometer Speed Indicator
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Stand Alone Base (8 x 8)
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Footswitch Variable Speed Control (Fast/Slow)
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Positioner Linear Weld Speed Controller
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Control Cable 25 ft (7.6 m)
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Single Wire SAW Mounting Kit
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Tandem SAW Mounting Kit
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180° Head Swivel
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Manipulator Column Support Platform Standard
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Manipulator Travel Car I (11x11)
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Travel Car Track I (11x11)
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Manipulator Column Support Platform Oversized Tandem Arc (11 x 11 Only)
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Robotic Interface Module
Robotic Cable Adapter - 18 in (458 mm)
Ethernet/DeviceNet Interface Module
Remote Power REAM® Reservoir Kit
Ethernet/DeviceNet Communication Interface
Power Wave® i400 CE Filter Kit
Power Wave® i400 Inverter Chassis
Power Wave® i400 Integration Kit
Mounting Bracket for Motoman 1440
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Mounting Bracket for Motoman 2010
Mounting Bracket for Fanuc
Magnum PRO Robotic Nose Cone
AutoDrive S Nose Cone
AutoDrive S Torch Housing Standard / Air Blast
AutoDrive S Torch Housing Wire Brake
Magnum PRO Robotic Torch Housing Standard/ Air Blast (Short)
AutoDrive S Torch Housing with Wire Brake (Short)
CS40 3 x 3 Cross Slide Assembly
CS40 6 x 6 Cross Slide Assembly
CS250 5 x 5 Cross Slide Assembly
CS250 10 x 10 Cross Slide Assembly
CS450 5 x 5 Cross Slide Assembly
CS450 10 x 10 Cross Slide Assembly
Drive Cable - 10 ft. (3 m)
Sensor Cable Assembly - 4 ft. (1.2 m)
Rotary Wire Dispenser
Cable Assembly Thru-Arm Fanuc 100iC
Cable Assembly Thru-Arm Fanuc 100iC/6L
Cable Assembly Thru-Arm Fanuc 100iC/8L
Cable Assembly Thru-Arm Fanuc 120iC
Cable Assembly Thru-Arm Fanuc 120iC/10L
Cable Assembly Magnum PRO ABB 1520ID
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