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Robotic Education Welding Fixture


Top Features

  • Supports 1 mm to 3 mm material in the following positions and joints:
    -2F Horizontal Fillet
    -1F Flat Lap
    -2F 3° Clock Lap
  • Manual clamping system that can be applied to a fixed or stationary table
  • Weld from 2-inch to 8-inch plates
  • Designed from durable 6061 T6 aluminum and includes all metal parts on the tooling

MSRP: $1,033.00

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Accessory Details

The patent pending 3-in-1 adjustable welding fixture is designed for use on a robotic welding education training system. The welding fixture is flexible and compact, enabling the welding instructor to teach common and industry supported joints and positions in welding, all in one simple device.

Net Weight 8.00 (3.63 kg)
The patent pending 3-in-1 adjustable welding fixture.